Section 13H Tax Incentive (S13H): Singapore SME Should Know About

Legalities of Section 13H Tax Incentive (S13H): Singapore SME Should Know About

The tax assessment in Singapore is already business-friendly, whereas, there still are many additional schemes that have been making the commerce more convenient. They have been helping to minimalize the taxes that business people pay, even within the small tax frame in the city-state, acting as a motivating factor for more people to get into the field of business. Among them is the Section 13H Tax Incentive (S13H), which is something every startup investor and the SME owners in Singapore should know about. So, here is all the information about the Section 13H Tax Incentive that you should know.

Section 13H Tax Incentive: What Is It All About?

For starters, a section 13H tax incentive is a program which lets the approved funds, all of which could be capital and private equity funds enjoy zero-rated tax relief for a maximum period of ten years. This has been seen as an incentive to make investing more convenient, and the tax could be reduced in the following activities:

  • Profit generated from the divestment of affirmed portfolio properties.
  • The dividend income generated from the overseas portfolio companies.
  • Profit made in the interests from the approved foreign convertible loan stock.

So, if you are readily investing in the Singaporean startups, then this scheme is just for you.


An equity fund will be valid to a Section 13H Tax Incentive (S13H) only if they can meet the following requirements.

  • The fund where the tax is to be deduced should be incorporated in Singapore.
  • The company should be registered and currently operating in Singapore.
  • The company should acquire ever necessary licenses and permits from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for their proposed activities.

Section 13H Tax Incentive (S13H): Singapore SME Should Know AboutIf you are interested in S13H, you will need to assure that you meet all these terms. And if you do, could move on to the other step, which is applying for the scheme.


You could request for the Section 13H Tax Incentive (S13H) only if you can comply with the following criteria’s. To do this, gather all your documents and then contact Enterprise Singapore for the scheme.

During the process, you might also be asked to produce more documentation for additional verifications; then you could benefit from the scheme after your application is approved. You could also ask for any other information that you need in this address.

Well, it is true that the tax provision in Singapore is already supportive, but it shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of every other program that is available. You become a successful entrepreneur if you find the most reasonable way around for things, so using these incentives don’t only benefit you for a short-term, but will also build a healthy practice that could influence the career ahead of you and help you reach your full potential. So, seek out for incentives like this and every other program related to finances, it is for your own good.

This was all for the Section 13H Tax Incentive (S13H). I hope this will help you.