List of Investment 2018 That Singapore SME Should Know About

List of Investment 2018 That Singapore SME Should Know About

Singapore is the place where you can let your business ideas flourish in a way you can’t do elsewhere. The market is vast, and there are plenty of opportunities that come along with the competition. You, as a businessperson would want to take your chances, innovate yourself further than what you are and then always be a step ahead of your competitors. For that, you need a great idea and to make a great idea work to its fullest, you will need a considerable investment for your company. There are various investment schemes in Singapore for the innovative SME startups. Today, we look at a list of investment 2018 in Singapore provided by the Singapore government.


Startup SG Equity Investment

Startup SG Equity Investment
This is a scheme to help qualified, innovative business startups in Singapore access to the private funds. In this scheme, the government co-invests in an eligible innovative business to let them grow and access to the international market.

Investment Framework

The table below shows the investment parameters of the program.

Category Investment Cap Co-Investment Ratio
General Tech S$2M 7:3 up to 250K

Then 1:1 till S$2M

(Only for SC’s investments)

Deep Tech S$4M 7:3 up to S$500K

Then 1:1 till S$4M

(Only for SC’s investments)

Two investment wings are managing the funds of the startup SG equity, SEEDS Capital Pte Ltd (SC) and SGInnovate.


SEEDS Capital Investment Fund

Often, this program is taken as a different one from the Startup SG equity investment, but to be clear, this is a part of the mother program. It is just that among the two fund management companies for the Startup SG equity investment, the SEEDS capital investment fund is for the companies focusing on Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering, Health & Biomedical Sciences and Urban Solutions & Sustainability. Also, when you approach SEEDS capital for the investment, you will also have an option of having a SEEDS partner investor instead of a third-party investor.


Both the companies and the investors have sufficient conditions they need to fulfil before being eligible for the Startup SG Equity investment.

For the Company

  • The company should be incorporated and currently operating in Singapore.
  • The company should have potential and scalability in the domestic and the global market as well.
  • The company should have paid capital of at least S$50,000.
  • The company should be a private limited company operating for less than five years.
  • In case of having a third party investor, the company should find one.
  • The business can’t be illegal, and it can’t be promoting or involved in the industry of stuff that is out of social interest. For example, tobacco, gambling houses, etc.
  • The company should be independent and can’t be a branch, subsidiary or a joint-venture.


For the Third Party Investor(s)

  • The investor should be willing to contribute to the growth of the company.
  • The investor should have a good knowledge of the market situation, understanding of the business products, connections and strategies that could help the business.
  • The investors(s) should contribute at least S$50,000 in the startup.
  • The investor can’t have any prior shares in the company and should demonstrate independence in the funds he or she is investing.


For Companies Wanting to Be Investment Partners

If your fund management company wants to be an investment partner in the program, then you will have to keep an eye on the public notices especially released by the SEEDS capital. After that, you can contact them, and then you will be judged on various criteria before getting approved.


To apply for the program, first, you will need every necessary document which proves both, you and your investor(s) are eligible for the program. You will need to compile your business plan, financial statements and management accounts, business ACRA, a background of the investors including a two-page executive summary and send it to either one of these following addresses.


EDBI Investment

EDBI Investment
The next program in the list of investment 2018 in Singapore is the EDBI investment. It is a government-related private investment fund helping businesses in innovative sectors such as Information & Communication Technology, Emerging Technology, and Healthcare, advanced manufacturing, consumer and other select industries. A venture capital Investor program based in Singapore, even foreign companies, have made use of this program. So, if you believe your innovative SME has a lot of potentials and you have the right business ideas, you could approach for the EDBI investment.


Here are the terms that your business needs to fulfill before you can make an EDBI investment.

  • Your company should have a great management team with the right ideas and skillset to run the business in the best way.
  • The products or services you deliver should be unique, and you will have to show how they help solve the problems of the consumers.
  • The company should have a working business model and schedules, one that supports it reach its goals and potential.
  • Of course, as an innovative company, the business should have clear techniques to remain in the competitive market. Also, the business should have recognised its potential competitors.
  • The company should be able to help to foster the economic sector in Singapore, tightening the bonds.


Applying for the program

Like in any other program in our list of investment 2018 in Singapore, you will need to verify that you meet all the conditions before you apply. For that, gather all your documents, company profile, business ideas, and techniques, business ACRA, products, goals, literally everything that show your business is worthy of being invested into.

Well, these were the investment programs in our list of investment 2018 in Singapore. I hope this article will help you find the right investment program for your business.