List of Home Business That Can be Started by Women in Singapore

Reading a List of Home Business Opportunities is a Big Help

Singapore has solid trade and financial sectors because of the low taxes and openness to foreign investors. The success of the city state is because of the advanced infrastructures and regulations that are favorable and they have fair tax policies. In addition, the workforce in Singapore are very skilled. You can even stay at home and still be successful but you need a list of home business ideas that will actually make profit in the city.


Airbnb is a great way to make money from an extra room or even your 2nd home. You can make it income-generating if you have a well-maintained and clean place. It can be transformed into a hotel space with some additional work. This type of business is growth-oriented and that money can be reinvested and make into an apartment that will pay for itself and make profit. That room can be a dedicated space for your guests who will pay to rent that space for a specific time.

Personal Chef

You can do this freelance and get to choose your clients. Those busy professionals who will hire you as their personal chef want to eat home-cooked meals when they arrive because they do not have the time. There are a lot of demands for specialized, which is why it is important to plan a good menu, make a shopping list, and work to satisfy a hungry client. Your satisfied customers can recommend you to other busy professionals and your network will expand from there.

Help for Landscaping and Gardening

List of Home Business That Can be Started by Women in Singapore
If you have green fingers, they can be put to good use by offering services to people who live within your area. You can show sketches of what you think can be done to improve their garden, and you are going to become a landscape gardener. When your client’s garden looks very pretty, other people in their neighborhood will start asking them who did the design for them. You will be advertised through word of mouth. Moreover, there are other people in the area who might need your services in the future. Introduce yourself to the neighbors and give them your business card.

Digital Content

There is a lot of demand for content right now compared to before and there is always a need for it. In the beginning, digital content writing does not pay a lot but there are a couple of advantages compared to other jobs. You are paid by how much you work, the projects you accept will depend on you, and it has a serious potential for long-term growth. You only need a laptop and the skills needed in content creation. This path will infinitely depend on your interests and skills. There is always a need for content to be published. The different aspects are illustration, writing, digital design, website design, film, and others. Freelancers who can take on the task are assigned to do the job. The more skills you have means you can take on a wider range of tasks.

T-Shirt Design

If you like to make designs as a hobby and want a medium, you should think about using T-shirts. You can paint, applique, draw, and bead your designs on plain T-shirts to sell. Your weekends will be spent on showing your art to different fairs, and markets where people go to find unique items. Another thing you can do is making custom made designs for clients who want something different. A lot of people may be tired of seeing the same print on t-shirts and making your own will attract customers who have a design in mind but do not know how to draw. When you have a lot of clients already, you can hire a person to help you and make it into a main business in the long run.

The list of home business ideas given here are easy to start, does not demand a lot of capital, modern, and you can do them in your own time. You can make your own website to advertise your services and reach millions of potential clients online.