How Can You Start a Small Pizza Business in Singapore?

Setting Up a Small Pizza Business in Singapore

Starting a small pizza business in Singapore requires the investors to understand deeply about the food laws of Singapore which must be followed by all food and restaurants outlet. Starting a pizza business in Singapore requires a small set up of a kitchen and a space for ambiance. The following steps will guide you about the basic details which as a food entrepreneur you must be aware of.


Plan Your Business

The first step involved in setting up the business is the business plan. Without a proper business plan, a business cannot succeed. A typical business plan comprises of:

  1. Financial budget
  2. Marketing strategies
  3. Business operation
  4. Pricing policy
  5. Hiring policy for employees
  6. Service and other standards


Capital Investment

Setting up a small pizza business in Singapore may require a huge amount of money as the overall living cost of this country is high; which includes high rental rates, high labor cost. It is important to plan your budget accordingly as the first three months are going to be full of overhead expenses. You cannot compromise on the necessary stuff such as good location, marketing expenses, and PR. Hence, it is important to have a good planning structure for your business in Singapore.


Setting Up the Company

The first step in setting up the company is that as a foreigner, you need to apply for entrepass with the ministry of manpower. The local investors that have a Singpass you need to register with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authorities Bizfile Portal.

On this portal, you can register the name of the company and make a payment. Depending, the type of the company, you need to set up or incorporate the company and the pay the required registration fees depending on if you are a local or a foreign investor.


Finding the Right Location

It is important to find a suitable location for your pizza business. You can find the right location through newspaper, real estate agents or cold calling the landlords. You need to be aware of the area and the electrical requirements.


Designing Your Pizza Restaurant

A great ambiance is what attracts the customers; hence design your dream business of the pizza restaurant by hiring an interior designer. The customers visit your restaurant again and again if they like the food and the service coupled with the good ambiance.

You may find both cheap and expensive contractors for building your business- the cheap contractors may use cheap materials to build your place and thus it may incur a huge amount later for fixing it or to replace it.

Planning the kitchen layout is very important and thus getting a professional kitchen planner is important as they can plan your kitchen in such a way that the productivity of the kitchen can be increased.


License and Registration

There is a mandatory license which a pizza business must get before beginning their business operations:

  1. Basic course for food hygiene: All the employees handling the food are required to undergo this training so that they can handle the food under hygienic conditions
  2. Food Shop License: To operate a food stall you need this license. This license can only be received when the tenancy agreement has been signed and the interior design has been completed.


Purchasing the Necessary Equipment

A pizza business requires mainly an oven, a stove, and freezers. All other necessary utensils and cutlery items must be also be available for successfully setting up a food business.


Hiring Staff

Getting the right hiring staff in Singapore is a hectic job. The service staff for your restaurant must be passionate ones who possess hospitality. Screen them thoroughly as training them to smile after hiring can be a headache. Shootout for interviews on the internet and newspaper can bring a lot of people but hiring the right candidate is your duty.

It is always recommended you to head hunt the service staff, as you have seen them behave in the similar work condition. To get the talented candidates for your restaurant, you need to pay a handsome salary.

How Can You Start a Small Pizza Business in Singapore?


Execute the Marketing Plan

A typical marketing plan comprises of getting awareness, trial purchases, and referral policy. It is important that people must know that this pizza restaurant exists, without knowing, how will they visit you? You need to then figure out what will compel the customers to refer others or to come back to the restaurant? You must address these questions before setting up a pizza business in Singapore.

It is important to have the right chef and the right marketing strategies in place for your business to be successful in the long run. It is important to have some experience with the restaurant business otherwise you may end up losing a lot of money doing mistakes. A right food and restaurant consultant can guide you about setting up a pizza business.