How Can You Start a Small Pizza Business in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Start a Small Pizza Business in Singapore

Starting a business requires a lot of time as arduous planning is needed. Planning is critical if you want to start a small pizza business in Singapore because it is a competitive market. It is no secret that Singaporeans love pizza. However, there are many stores readily available now. A great pizza concept would be great if you want to stand out among the crowd.

You have to include everything such as business strategy, best location, budget, inventory, employees, and marketing in planning. A small business is not that small because before you can start operating, you have to accomplish a lot of things. With this, you have to gain a deep understanding of business laws in Singapore.

There are lots of documents such as permits you have to accomplish before actually setting up your store. Singapore requires business owners to apply for permits and licenses before they are allowed to operate. Additionally, training is also required for you and your employees, such as Basic Food Hygiene Training. Handling food and securing its safety is very important for Singaporeans.

Lastly, you have to register your business at Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) because Singapore requires all business owners to register here. It is only after your business is registered you are qualified to apply for licenses. Food Shop License shall be your license to start your small pizza business in Singapore. By applying, you are now on the next chapter of your small pizza business.


What Is Food Shop License?

A food shop license is mandatory under the Environmental Public Health Act, especially for business owners who retail food. It is issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA). Applying for this license only means that you have already decided on the location your store will operate. Your store is required because part of this process is inspecting your small pizza place.

Upon securing your business place, you also have to ensure that it follows the minimum requirement. The minimum requirements are the following: mandatory kitchen size, refuse management, noise and cooking fumes control, among others. Other personal requirements should also be presented, such as the tenancy agreement, applicant details, and other business details.

Further, you should have secured certificates that prove your place is clean and pest-free. More than that, cleaning programs and pest control programs should have already been laid out. NEA does not only inspect your place at the start, but they want to ensure that your place will be maintained properly. Lastly, if you plan to buy delivery vehicles, you should also include these in your cleaning program.

By now, you already know that Singapore is strict when it comes to food. But don’t worry, your small pizza business will be up in no time. Just be sure to double-check everything with your business place as it will be difficult and troublesome to apply twice. After this, you will reap the fruits of your hard work.


Why Choose to Start a Small Pizza Business in Singapore?

Pizza is one of the favorite food of people around the world because it is a delicious, easy dish that anyone can eat. With this, Singapore is not an exception, as Singaporean find themselves a little obsessed with pizza. Why? It is a different taste compared to their local dishes. Besides, it is just simple to eat and to prepare.

On top of pizza is the best, a small pizza business is a low-risk investment for you. People won’t find pizza going anywhere anytime soon. Especially in Singapore, pizza is one of the Western food that is readily available for Singaporeans. They won’t need to spend more money or time if they want to try another food other than their local delicacies.


Requirements to Start a Small Pizza Business?

Aside from a food shop license, you’ll still have other requirements to accomplish. The process depends if you’re a Singaporean or a foreigner. Of course, the processing time will be shorter for Singapore residents. But here’s the list of requirements you will need:

  • Register your business at ACRA. For Singaporeans, their Singaporean Singpass is needed for incorporation. For foreigners, an Entrepass should be obtained from the Ministry of Manpower. Only then they can apply for a Singpass
  • Depending on the concept, there are licenses that you must apply for. Some of these licenses are WSQ Food Hygiene, Course Liquor License, and Halal License.
  • Companies in Singapore must set up a company secretary within six months of incorporation. As company secretary, a natural person who resides in Singapore should be hired in the business. The secretary should be different from the owner. Check out our list of company secretary service providers to make sure you get the most reliable offerings possible.


Guidelines for a Small Pizza Business in Singapore

You are now set to operate your small business, but there are guidelines that you should follow. There are certain guidelines for employers in Singapore to protect workers’ rights. Additionally, they also have special licenses for food to cater to multi-cultural groups.

  • You must register to Central Provident Fund (CPF)
    In addition, the employers are likely to be required to contribute toward the employees’ salaries and to file their salaries for taxation under the CPF. A standard contribution rate is 16%.
  • You must acquire a Halal License
    The Muslim community in Singapore needs to be better catered to, so restaurant owners should obtain a Halal LicenseThe It will ensure the safety of food in a restaurant and help you easily target multi-cultural groups. You should only purchase Halal products from certified third-party suppliers.


How to Grow a Small Pizza Business?

Promoting your small pizza business is a big part of your sales. If you don’t market your pizza well, then there will be no customers who will try your food. In addition to your product and service quality, marketing is crucial to transforming your small business into an enterprise. Here are three ways on how you can grow your small pizza business.

  1. Be sure to have professionally taken photos of your pizzas
    People identify the foods through stock images, and they will be disappointed when their pizzas look different from the images they see. Getting professional food photos is a worthwhile investment. Besides, you can definitely reuse these photos in your future postings.
  2. Develop food packages for a group
    Make sure to add group package deals on your carry-out menu so customers can easily order. You can easily group your customers into two: friends and family. This way, you can create group combinations according to their demographics.
  3. Offer coupons
    A good coupon program has proved effective in increasing foot traffic to your small pizza business. Promo codes should only be valid for a specific time. However, it is important to keep your marketing plan active.

How Can You Start a Small Pizza Business in Singapore


Planning and preparation are not small, so starting your pizza business will not be a simple thing. You should still be ready to go after securing everything before pursuing your business. Make sure to obtain the relevant licenses, permits, and training to operate without a problem. Once you’ve done this, you can now serve delicious pizza slices to your customers.