Tips For Starting Up a Cleaning Business in Singapore

A Study Guide on Starting Up a Cleaning Business in Singapore

Any business idea will be worthy if it generates the desired return on investment (ROI), but to give a new venture a fighting chance to succeed, you only need to be aggressive. Starting up a cleaning business in Singapore is a brilliant move especially when many businesses are demanding for the services. But to win more cleaning contracts, your services should be exceptionally good. The moment you begin, don’t just look at the money see to it that you’re better than your competitor.

For us to understand more about cleaning services, lets us look at some of the tips for starting up a cleaning business in Singapore:


Know the Kind of Business Structure

Any business idea is intended to solve a need, and that need triggers a staggering proposition. That proposition is starting up a cleaning business in Singapore. But do you stop and ask yourself the kind of business structure that would be appropriate for you?

Well … the moment you get the right business structure is when you can begin rolling out your idea. In Singapore, business structure ranges from a sole proprietorship to partnership, Limited Liability Company, to name four. The essence of determining the kind of business structure portrays your capability in the eyes of the clients, financiers, vendors, and competitors. Before, you decide on which structure to adapt, do some research about what can work well for you and your clients. Each structure has its pros and cons and therefore, it’s essential to understand their requirements.


Get the Right Professional Networks

Each business niche possesses its professional networks. Networks that can win you lucrative contracts or getting financial aid or even tips of expanding or merging. And so, when starting up a cleaning business in Singapore, it’s imperative to understand and get the right professional networks.

But the question would be, how do you obtain such professional networks? Cleaning business services just like any other business has trade associations, trade exhibition, workshops among others that provide the latest trend about the industry. Through these networks you’ll get to know the latest cleaning techniques, government new employee working policies, market demands, new laws on the industry and how to get new leads. Singapore a fast-growing economy enables any aspiring entrepreneur to explore any new possibilities in starting up a cleaning business.


Get a Working Contract

The journey to success in the cleaning business services is far longer but nearer at the same time. What I mean by this is that if you stick to the script concerning starting up a cleaning business in Singapore the epic journey is nearer. One secret that I will tell you for free is that before you even think of registering your cleaning business get first a working contract. The contract with not only give you the experience but eases your registration process. In Singapore, before securing a business license, you’re required to have completed at least one year of cleaning contract. Similarly, your employees must have worked professionally for one year and attended a mandatory training module under the Environmental Cleaning (EC) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ).

Tips For Starting Up a Cleaning Business in Singapore


Secure Office Space

Imagine a business where you can communicate with your clients at the comfort of your lumbar swivel chair with ease. Now, imagine running your business errands on your laptop in a restaurant with interruption here and there and not communicate well with your clients.


A simple majority guess will be that of securing an office. If you can secure an office before starting up a cleaning business in Singapore, you better do so. By having an office elevate your business and your personality as a business owner.

Remember, the journey to success is ragged and never easy. Always be patient.