Wellness at Work: Flowers in the Office

Wellness at Work: Flowers in the Office

Ever walked into a stuffy office and instantly felt your shoulders tense up?  Yeah, us too. You’d be surprised by how many people struggle with stress, fatigue, and a lack of inspiration in their work environment.

But, ditch the boring cubicle décor! This guide will explore how flowers can transform your office into a haven of wellness, and maybe even convince you to surprise your colleagues with a flower delivery.


How Flowers Help?

We all like being outside in nature, right? It makes us feel relaxed, happy, and full of good ideas. Well, bringing some of that nature inside by having flowers around can make us feel the same way.

Mood Boosters

Have you ever noticed how looking at beautiful flowers can make you feel really happy and relaxed? It’s because those flowers have colours and smells that make our brains release happy chemicals. So, just seeing flowers can cheer us up and make us feel less stressed out.

Stress Reduction

You know how staring at a computer all day makes you beat?  Crazy thing, but having flowers around can actually help you unwind.  Studies say just looking at them calms your heart rate and chills you out.  Basically, flowers are like nature’s stress ball!

Improved Creativity

Feeling stuck with your project? Maybe bringing in some flowers could help! Research says being around nature can boost creativity. Just having some colorful flowers around can give you new ideas and help you look at problems in a different way.

Air Purifiers

Office buildings sometimes have air that feels stuffy and full of dust and bad stuff. But if you put some flowers in there, they clean up the air naturally. They soak up the bad stuff and give out nice, fresh oxygen. That means people can breathe better and have fewer headaches or breathing issues at work.

Increased Productivity

Happy, relaxed, and creative employees are productive employees! By promoting well-being, flowers can indirectly lead to a boost in productivity.

Wellness at Work: Flowers in the Office

Selecting Flowers for Your Office

Alright – time to choose the right flowers for your office. You can even count on a florist in Singapore to send it straight to your office. Here are some tips:

Consider the Space: Think about the size and layout of your office. A large reception area can handle a grand floral arrangement, while smaller desks might benefit from a compact, personal bloom.

Picking flower colors: Flowers have lots of colours. Pick ones that match your office style and make the vibe you want. If you want a lively feel, go for bright colors like yellow or orange. As for a soft vibe, gentler colors like lavender or blue work well.

Maintenance: Choose flowers that don’t need much water. Easy options are lilies, orchids, and bromeliads. They won’t bother anyone and are simple to look after.

Selecting Flowers for Your Office

Maintaining Your Office Flowers

Keeping your office flowers healthy and vibrant is essential. Here are some simple tips:

  • Place flowers away from direct sunlight and drafts.
  • Don’t overwater them; it can make their roots rot.
  • Trim any dead leaves or stems regularly to keep them growing healthily.
  • Change the water in vases every few days to ensure freshness.

Maintaining Your Office Flowers

More Ways to Make Your Office Greener and Happier

Bring in Plants: Put potted plants around your office. They’re like mini gardens and make the place feel fresh.

Let the Sun In: Keep your windows open to let sunlight in. It helps everyone feel better and sleep better too.

Get Fresh Air: Open windows often to let in fresh air. It helps people concentrate better and stay awake.

Remember, a bit of nature can really make a big difference!