What Are Some Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas in Singapore?

Business Ideas Singapore 2018: Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas

Contrary to popular belief, rural areas can be a great spot to kick for your business. Far from the bustling city environment, not only you get a peaceful surrounding to be in and resolute on your business idea, but you also get a chance to invest in businesses just suited for a place far away from the city. The same goes for Singapore; you don’t necessarily need to be located in the town centre to run a successful business house. Also, committing on a rural business will help you have more options for a market which hasn’t yet been concentrated. To help you with that, here are some small business ideas for rural areas in Singapore which you might find interesting.


Electronic Showroom

Technology is a crucial part of today’s world. People have been intensifying the use of innovation to help make their daily routine easier. It goes the same for Singaporeans, and you can make use of this fact. Open an electronic showroom in your local area. Sell appliances such as TV, washing machines, microwave ovens, e.t.c, and it will be helpful for both you and your customers. First, you will undertake a business which will never be short of customers, and next, the people in your locality will not have to go to the city centre everytime they need something of this sort.


Phone Accessories

This is another one in our list of small business ideas for rural areas in Singapore where you make technology work in your favour. Reports say that at least 4.7 million Singaporeans have had access to a smartphone by 2017. This is an impressive rate, of course, and it also means that there’s a huge market for the additional accessories that can be connected to a phone. And especially for the people in rural areas, they would not always prefer to go to a city or order online every time they need such things. You can sell such as headsets, chargers, VR box, e.t.c; there are many people in your place that are going to buy them.


Electronic Repairs

This one requires some skills to be learnt. You could either choose to sell electronics or repair them. Or you could also do both, combining an electronic or phone repair services with the previous two business ideas in Singapore. As you can see, people in Singapore have a lot of electronic goods, so, indeed there will be a lot of times that they will need repairs or maintenance for their devices. You can make a good amount out of it, anyway, for this, you might need to take a class.


Clothing Store

Clothing is one of the basic needs, so people will always be needing clothes. Having a clothing store in your neighbourhood with good service, you would be heading there every time you would want something new to wear. This goes the same for your customers, in case you opened a fancy store in your community. You won’t have to invest a lot when you start and eventually grow a huge business out of this idea. Just make sure you bring in timely sales to attract customers inside your premises.


Food Business

A restaurant or a food stall could go a long way. This could be a great idea, especially for people who are primarily interested in preparing food. You would be doing what you like, and at the same time, making a lot of money. And even if you are don’t have any knowledge about making foodstuff, you could still consider to invest in the food business and handle the accounts. Make sure that you bring out some unique taste different from anything else, and not only the people from your area but individuals from all over Singapore will visit your location just to taste the flavour you offer.


Transportation of Goods

You don’t have to sell things to have a successful business; you might consider giving sellers in remote Singapore areas a service they are always looking for. Good transportation makes it as another business in our list of small business ideas for rural areas in Singapore. Have a truck, drive it yourself or hire someone else to transport goods in and out from your surrounding. Businesses in rural areas will be looking for materials to make their product or sell, and you can help them with that. On the other hand, those businesses might have customers outside in the city who would want their products. You will be useful in both of these cases.


Fresh House

How do you like meat? If there aren’t enough fresh houses in your village, this is what you should do from this list of small business ideas for rural areas in Singapore. The consumption rate of meat in the country has been so much that Singaporeans often wonder if they are overeating meat. Well, let’s say, we don’t have the answer to this question, but still, we can say for sure that a fresh house, even in the countryside can be very beneficial to a businessperson.


Poultry Farming

If you were intrigued by the previous concept of having a fresh house, but it still was not what you were looking for, here is what you could do. Chickens. In a market with a staggering rate of meat and egg consumption, you could provide it with both of them. Also, located in a rural area would be a great place for you to run the business in peace, and you could do both, sell your products locally or export what you made out of your business.

What Are Some Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas in Singapore?


Vegetable Farming

Vegetable farming in Singapore can bring in a lot of revenue. All you need to do is manage some free land, be it your own or in rent; then you start planting seasonal or off-seasonal vegetables to start making money. With about 92% of the vegetables being imported, people in Singapore are always looking for fresh organic vegetables, so you don’t have to worry if there will be any shortage of the market. On top of that, there are various vegetables you can choose from; potatoes, sprouts, beans, peas, nuts, garlic, ginger and a lot among the others. Cultivate what you think would be fit, and you grow with the market.


A Dairy Production House

Okay, we are going through a lot of agricultural subjects, as this list is called small business ideas for rural areas, it is supposed to have ideas from various fields. But, you don’t necessarily have to own a shed to have a dairy. You could instead help farmers from your place to create something out of the milk they produce. Give farmers good money for the milk, and as they focus on producing more of it, you can make products such as yoghurt, cheese, ice-cream, e.t.c. Of course, it looks like it would take some cost and expertise, but why to stop when a good return is almost guaranteed.



If you don’t want to limit your business to selling something individual, you always have a choice of opening a supermarket or a corner store. Look out for the things that people want for their daily household, and sell all of them. As a supermarket owner, you will be helping a lot of people, and it is very likely you will be making a significant income.


Become a Florist

This is also taken as one of the best home based business opportunities in Singapore. Flowers are beautiful, and people want what is beautiful. You could be selling flowers, and their seeds or even their nectar. Doing so can help people decorate their places or each other’s hearts. Being florist has a lot of advantages from a business point of view in Singapore. If you’re creative enough, then you will find this business lucrative for you.


Barber Shop

See, you are never out of ideas if you have the necessary skills. Try to implement one of the best home business ideas in Singapore by becoming a barber. A barber shop isn’t just where people trim their hair or beard. For some people, it is favorite place to hang out. So, with proper hairdressing skills, you will also be a famous organizer of social gatherings in your place. This means you will never be out of traffic.



Just because we are looking at small business ideas for rural areas doesn’t mean we should be forgetting this excellent way of doing business. Become a master in e-commerce, never overlook the fact that you can make money from the internet. You might be wondering that you will still need some products before you could go around selling anything. Okay, if you have products, sell it through the internet, that is a great business idea. But, even if you don’t have any, you will have to know about this amazing concept called affiliate marketing. It means a person selling things offered by another party, and receiving a commision for it. You will have to search for an affiliate marketing website, and there are plenty of them in Singapore.