What is the Best Password Management Software for SMEs?

The Number One Most Reliable Password Management Software for SMEs

The increase of use of technology in business has made a password management software must for companies. These program help organize, store, and even share passwords across devices securely and conveniently.

With password management software, you can store the information about your password in various sites, manage them, share them across users, and many more. The good thing about the program is that it stores every data in an encrypted format; in simple terms, a built-in password protects your original password. So, it is very secure.

For example, say that you have a software which you need to login to use. If you want to give your friend access to your account, usually, you would need to provide them with your credentials along with your password. However, with a Password Management software, you can send them an encrypted format with them being able to log in, but not knowing the actual password.

Password Management Solutions for Singapore SME Businesses

LastPass is the best password management software for businesses. The program is simple to use and provides numerous features like storage, sharing, anywhere access, and easy addition and removal of members. The authentication they provide is on the local level- the encryption and decryption of password happen on the device, so there is maximum security.

What is the Best Password Management Software for SMEs?

How Does LastPass Work

First, you open an account after purchasing the software. Don’t worry; the prices are meager- it won’t even cost a cup of coffee. After that, you can either install an extension on your computer browser or download the LastPass application on your mobile device.

LastPass for SMEs- Two Choices

The programs have two different plans for businesses, the ‘Teams’ and ‘Enterprise.’ You can choose one as per your need.


This is the simplest plan. Users with similar privileges come together and get the software.

  • The account can be shared between 1 to 50 users.
  • Every user gets a separate vault. This means every user gets his or her interface to store and manage passwords personally.
  • The members of the teams can create shared folders.
  • There’s basic reporting of the data.
  • Extraordinary Security.

What is the Best Password Management Software for SMEs?


Enterprise provides every feature of the ‘Teams,’ including some additions.

  • There is no limit to how many people use it.
  • There’s an integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) and a password manager and more than 1,200 SSO apps.
  • The Enterprise provides more than 100 customizable policies.
  • An admin dashboard is available. This means there is centralized control of how passwords are stored, used, and shared.
  • The data reporting has more information than in the Teams.

LastPass is no doubt your answer if you are looking for a password management software. The features it provides are on another level when we compare it with other software of the same kind.