What Kind of Business Can be Done from Home by Women in Singapore?

You Have a Lot of Options on the Kind of Business to do in Singapore

Regardless of the reason why you want to do business from home, living in Singapore does not make it hard for you to earn without having to leave home. If you are inclined to be an entrepreneur, there are suggestions you can consider so you can start doing the kind of business you always wanted from home.

Baked Pastries and Cakes

Not everyone is a good baker but if you are, this could be a business you can do at home. Start by giving out samples to friends, neighbors, and family. When they love your baked goodies, they can share and recommend your products to their friends, neighbors, and family. You will gain customers this way without having to publicly advertise so much. This will get you started with your business. in addition, set up a Facebook page and blog for your business to show more of what you do.

Virtual Assistant

If you are a well-organized person, can easily manage tasks, and love to accomplish tasks, you might be the perfect virtual assistant. You might think it has low pay for menial tasks you are asked to do, that is not really true. A lot of entrepreneurs always need help in doing tasks. Ideally someone who can help with the more difficult stuff, fix their calendar, and can monitor the business. You can test this business by grabbing a couple of clients from online platforms looking for a virtual assistant.


A lot of people love to good food but not everyone is into cooking, but if you love being in kitchen to prepare food, a catering business is perfect for you. Distribute flyers and brochures to your friends, family, and neighbors to inform them you can cook well. Especially your neighbors because they can just dial your number in advance and have food delivered to their doorstep on the day they need it. Special events like anniversaries, birthdays, baptismal parties, seminars and others held by companies and individuals will also need a caterer. This is a good business to have anytime because people always pay money for food.


What Kind of Business Can be Done from Home by Women in Singapore?Photography is a skill that is always in-demand and there are a lot of routes you can take depending on the skills you have. If you love to travel, there is travel photography and the images you take can be sold online through different sites such as Abobe and 500px. Photographers receive a small percentage every time someone uses their photo. You can also choose a niche and certain industries let you take photos from everywhere. You can also work with online clients and agencies usually need photographers and can be the middle man for their clients.

Sell Crafts

You can earn good money from crafts making and scrapbooks that you can promote online. If this is a hobby you have, you can make it into a profitable business that you can do from home. Crafts like jewelry making, heading, crocheting, embroidery, cross stitching, candle making, painting, basket weaving, and others. if you are very creative, then this business might be the one you have been waiting for to start but you were hesitant. It is a good idea after all.

Social Media Consultancy

Are you good with social media? Can you collect followers quicker than most people, and be interesting too? This might be a good idea for a business. Entrepreneurs, small and large corporations need help boosting their social media pages. You can have 2 approaches with this, you can either work on all platforms and be a generalist or concentrate on 1 like Pinterest or Instagram.

The importance of social media is increasing and brands are looking into how to better market their products to Generation Z and Millenials.

Now that you have ideas on the kind of business you can do as a woman in Singapore, you can start any time. Running a business from home is definitely more comfortable than going through rush hour traffic every day.