Best Company Registration Package at Affordable Price of $428

Singapore is well-known for its strong economy and the ease of doing business in this country. The government-pro business environment has attracted many to setup business in Singapore. Hence, there is an increasingly high demand for Singapore Company Incorporation services due to the attractive investment climate in this country.

Company Registration IncorporationAs we all know, starting a business can be exhilarating and wildly fulfilling. However, it can be quite complicated and may challenge you in ways you had not imagined. There are quite a few steps in the company formation in Singapore.

To get started and learn how to setup business in Singapore, follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide your business type.
  2. Name your business.
  3. Choose the best incorporation package.

When talked about the best company incorporation package, 3E Accounting, a Singapore-based accounting firm that has been recognised as the top player firm by Singapore Brand recently, always ranks top in the list. 3E Accounting, is not just an ordinary accounting firm, but a one-stop solution provider to all its clients and a firm with work-life balance culture.

3E Accounting’s comfortable blend of professional reputation and work-life balance working culture have earned them a wide array of recognitions and chances to be featured in a number of reputable publications, online and offline followed by the recent visit of Senior Minister of State, Josephine Teo to their headquarter in Singapore. Impressed by their brilliant work-life balance working culture, Mrs.Teo complimented their efforts to maintain a healthy work-life balance at work place. Also, 3E Accounting has been featured by The Straits Times, titled Work-life Balance at Firm Leads to Staff Retention on Jan 04, 2017 has added another feather to their hat.

3E Accounting provides the best Singapore company registration package in town, at the most economical price, which is only $428 W/GST.

Key benefits of this package:

  1. Cost-saving: You pay only $428 W/GST for the professional service that is above par.
  2. Fast and easy: You get your company registered in just 2 hours with the professional team.
  3. Comprehensive: It’s the most comprehensive incorporation package in the market.
  4. Inclusive price: They do not hide GST or government charges and add them at the checkout.

And the magic behind? Simply because they are professional and highly credentialed.

As an accounting firm with long-standing reputation and professional background, 3E Accounting Singapore is always ready to best serve the needs of its clients. If you are looking at the best company registration package at the most economical price, 3E Accounting always has a solution for you.

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