Top 20 Global Accounting Networks in 2023

Top 20 Global Accounting Networks in 2023


Accounting networks are a group of service providers who offer accountancy-related services globally for their clients. Each entity within this network remains independently owned and operated. The first such accounting network was established in the United States Securities Exchange Commission to ensure audit standard consistency. Eventually, these networks expanded abroad. 

Accounting networks are established with a common goal to give clients the seamless support they need around the world. To provide a seamless experience, every member of the accounting network is bound by agreements that will define the quality standard for the brand. 


The Benefits That Members Gain

As a member of the global accounting network, members can raise their fees because of the credibility the brand brings. Being part of a larger branding group has significance and differentiates an accounting firm from the rest of its competitors. One example of the impact that branding has can be seen with the Big Four (Deloitte, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG & Ernst & Young), where the name alone makes an impact. 

Members also have the option to cost-effectively take on international projects. Across its operations around the globe, the set standards means that integrating records becomes a seamless process for the clients. This includes the consolidated reporting process. 


What Services Do Accounting Networks Provide?

Audit, advisory, actuarial, assurance, financial & risk advisory, analytics & data, management & strategy consulting, & tax advisory are some of the typical services offered by accounting networks. 

Top 20 Global Accounting Networks in 2023

List of global accounting networks and the number of countries present in

Top 20 Global Accounting Networks in 2023

Based on information collated from various sources, the top 20 global accounting networks reflected that they operate across various countries ranging from 100 to 164. These comprises of organisations that have operated since 1845, to newer ones that commenced in 2011.

Rank Accounting network No. of countries Country of HQ Year established
1 BDO Global 164 Belgium 1964
2 HLB International 156 United Kingdom 1969
3 PricewaterhouseCoopers 152 United Kingdom 1849
4 PKF International 150 United Kingdom 1969
5 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 150 United States 1845
6 Ernst & Young 150 United Kingdom 1849
7 Baker Tilly International 146 United Kingdom 1988
8 Crowe Global 145 United States 1915
9 KPMG International 143 Netherlands 1987
10 Grant Thornton International 140 United Kingdom 1980
11 Geneva Group International 126 Switzerland 1995
12 Nexia International 122 United Kingdom 1993
13 Kreston International 120 United Kingdom 1971
14 RSM International 120 United Kingdom 1964
15 Praxity 120 United Kingdom 2007
16 3E Accounting 113 Singapore 2011
17 TAG Alliances 110 Canada 1999
18 Moore Stephens International 108 United Kingdom 1907
19 MGI Worldwide 100 United Kingdom 1947
20 Russell Bedford International 100 United Kingdom 1983

*Information as of 20 May 2023 from Google. Revenue and number of office figures have been excluded due to limited information available

Notably the Big4 are well positioned within the top of range, benefiting from the virtuous cycle of a wide global reach. 3E Accounting’s international network is the largest in Asia and the only one from Singapore.



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