Top 10 Best Office Relocation Services in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Office Relocation Services in Singapore

If you have decided to move to with so many benefits ew office space, then the next important step to take is to hire one of the best Office Relocation Services in Singapore. It is not practical to conduct an office move with all your valuable IT equipment on your own to cut down your costs. Even the slightest damage to any of your equipment or a technical error can be a major setback for your business operations.

Relocating to your new office is no easy task since, along with furniture, you also move your computers, cables, servers, and so on. So, you need to select a company with experienced staff who will not only move these items safely but also set up and configure them correctly. The companies on our list have been selected carefully, taking into note their overall experience in conducting office relocations with IT equipment.

Consider this article as a guide for you to understand the benefits of hiring a professional office relocation firm. Our list of the Top Office Relocation Services in Singapore will prove very useful to make a proper selection. Compare the services of the firms in our list, and pick one that provides the best value for your money and total safety for your goods.


What Is Office Relocation Services?

A relocation to a new workspace can be a challenging experience, causing a lot of stress to employees and disrupting productivity. If done on your own, you may face issues like damage to costly IT equipment, which can lead to downtime and unnecessary financial losses. By hiring professional Office Relocation Services in Singapore, you will ensure that your relocation will take place smoothly, with zero damage to any of your goods.

An experienced office relocation firm will ensure that the work at your office continues even during the relocation. Their skilled workers will carefully pack each of your furniture and equipment, using the right packing materials to ensure their safety. They will take special care of delicate items and pack them securely to ensure they do not break during loading or unloading. The movers will make a checklist to verify if each item has been shifted to the new office. Such firms are also familiar with different locations and will use the most suitable routes to transfer your goods safely.


Why Do You Need Office Relocation Services in Singapore?

A more practical decision would be to hire a professional office relocation firm than to conduct a move with employees who have little or no experience. The following reasons will convince you why you need to take such a decision.

You Get Insurance for your Goods

Even if your office size is small, you may own electronic equipment and furniture that are expensive. So, any damage, whether big or small, to any equipment can take days or weeks to rectify. This can affect the productivity of your staff and also cause financial losses for your firm. You have to accept the reality that accidents are probable during relocation. Therefore, by hiring a firm that offers insurance for damaged goods, you get peace of mind, and your goods get protection.

The Relocation Reduces Downtime

When you hire a professional mover, the day-to-day tasks in your office suffers very little disruption. Your staff will be able to focus on the work you assign to them. You also protect your employees from accidents that can happen during relocation and affect productivity.

You Incur Less Expenses

You may think that by using your staff to conduct your move, you will be spending less. Contrarily, you may actually end up with more expenses. When you relocate yourself, you have to bear the cost of packing materials. You will need to hire a fully-equipped truck suitable for office furniture and equipment. There will be a lot of downtime with your employees spending precious working hours on tasks like packing, disassembling, and loading. Therefore, it makes more sense to hire a professional firm for the job and reduce your costs.

You Do Not Have the Right Equipment or Tools

It is not easy to conduct difficult tasks like disassembling, assembling, loading, or unloading goods without the right equipment. Therefore, you need to hire an experienced mover who knows what it takes to conduct the move efficiently and quickly. Such movers have the essential skills and the tools to conduct your office relocation safely and correctly.


Tips for Office Relocation

Here are some tips that can help you move more effectively and efficiently:

Plan Early

Commercial relocations require detailed planning and preparation. When you are planning to move, you must decide on a moving date, time, and assign a budget. This will let you identify the cost for the movers so you can avoid making impulsive decisions.

Design the Space You Are Moving to

You must collect all information you need about the new space. You can try getting blueprints, or a layout so you can see the main components like storage space and electrical outlets so you can start designing your new office. It is a great idea to have a layout plan for the office space so you can do comparisons. If there are areas in the new location that do not work, you can identify them early so you can avoid the same problems.

Hire the Moving Company Early

Since moving to a new office involves details and a lot of details, make sure that you have the full estimate and hire a full-service moving company at least 1 to 3 months ahead. Make sure they are experienced in commercial relocation and ask for an on-site quotation. You can also ask others in your network for recommendations who have relocated to a new office in the past.

Make a List of Contacts

A contact list is helpful in making sure that everyone in your business list, including clients and suppliers, are informed that you are moving. You can assign this to a person who can oversee to prevent contacts from getting lost. You must communicate with your clients and customers about where you will move and how your business operates while you are moving. This is important in making sure your customers do not look for another service provider.

Coordinate with Your IT Team

You must notify them at least three months in advance so they can plan how to move the technical equipment, internet plans, etc. They must be able to evaluate the new office space for any changes they need to make. When you are relocating to a corporate office, you want a smooth landing on the tech side.

You can rely on the top 10 office relocation services in Singapore for your upcoming office move.


Where Should You Find the Best Office Relocation Services?

Undoubtedly, with so many benefits, it is more prudent to hire a reliable office removal firm than doing it yourself. To make selection easy for you, we provide a list of the best Office Relocation Services in Singapore. Devote enough time to compare each firm’s services and decide which firm can best fulfil your business’s specific needs before making a final selection.


Here are the Top 10 Best Office Relocation Services in Singapore


Vimbox Movers Pte Ltd

Vimbox Movers offers cost-effective and competitive prices to its clients. Whether you only have a staff of 5 or even 500, you can rely on Vimbox to take care of the moving for you. They are secure and very professional.

They know that packing and moving is a big stress, and you must never ask your employees to do it so their work productivity will not be affected. In addition, they have over 80% referral rates because of their satisfied customers.

Package inclusions:
Free carton boxes and tapes, basic protection of items and furniture, general furniture dismantling and assembling, transport and manpower.


Shalom Movers Pte Ltd

Shalom Movers Pte Ltd

Shalom Movers has over 38 years of rich history in making the logistics industry powerful. They started with a one-man one van operation, and they are now a solutions provider for logistics. Their values give quality moving services and satisfaction to their customers.

With their local office moving service, you can furnish the new location with old and new furniture and equipment.

They have highly-trained movers, right tools and equipment, one-stop service. They can provide you with different services which include moving or disposing of items on the right dumping grounds.


Alpha Zenith Movers & Traders

AZ Movers & TradersAlpha Zenith is a fairly new company but they have grown to be a trusted logistics and trading services provider in Singapore. They have experienced employees and trusted tradesmen to handle the job.

Their professional workforce is helpful with a range of renovation and relocation services. They include packing big items for hanging blinds, moving or fixing traps for dripping, and even rewire your home or redecorate an area.

They offer commercial moving, house moving, international moving, storage, server moving, laboratory relocation, and handyman services. In addition, they provide services for utilities like plumbing, electronics, air-conditioning, as well as polishing for marble and parquet floors.


CYC Movers Pte Ltd

CYC Movers Pte Ltd

CYC Movers takes pride in offering a competent workforce. Their crew are carefully screened, selected, and provided with extensive training that lets them excel in different jobs.

They pack, unpack, and handle your precious items with the best care. CYC Movers use the best resources to complement their workforce. Their fleet of vehicles for moving are reliable and in good condition.

This company has full license to operate and they have the proper business permits. You will be provided with legitimacy assurance to give you peace of mind and a stress-free moving day. They use quality materials for packing to protect your valuables with insurance coverage.


Rodex Movers & Trading Pte Ltd

Rodex Movers & Trading Pte Ltd

Rodex was established in 1978 with a reputation and detailed experience in the moving industry. They have a wide range of services for moving, from packing and offering a truck rental to post-move air-conditioner installation and cleaning.

Office movers can also benefit from their IT support for installing complex office and IT equipment.

They offer house moving, office moving, storage space, packing and unpacking, disposal, storage space, DIY moving, lorry rental.

They have a full supply of packing materials from cartons to tapes. Further, they provide staff introduction, security clearance, access points protection, packaging and protection of office items/furniture, label identification, and a moving schedule. With Rodex, you get 100% guaranteed service for unpacking, setting up, and cleaning up of debris.


Red Sun Movers Pte Ltd

Red Sun Movers will help you relocate conveniently any day, even during public holidays. There will be an extra cost for moving on a Sunday or a public holiday. The good thing is they are always reasonable and priced competitively.

They take extra steps to secure your furniture. Red Sun Movers will sting wrap and cardboard-protect your furniture during transport. This way, you can be sure that your items will safely reach the destination without damages.

Once you contact them, they will respond right away to your queries and questions.


Elite Movers Pte Ltd

Elite Movers

Elite Movers started in 2003, and their company provides moving and relocation services in Singapore and Malaysia. Their services have expanded ever since to include different moving sectors.

They have the capacity to handle moving requests for commercial, the government, factories, workshops, and IT sectors.

Elite Movers offers 24/7 service for the scheduled moves even on weekends and holidays, professional and punctual staff, free quotation, organized and professional movers and team leaders, no deposits or payment required until the job is completed, pre-survey and detailed assessment.


KNT Movers Pte Ltd

KNT MoversThe range of services of this company has remained one of the choices for comprehensive moving. Their services are packing and unpacking your stuff, dismantling and assembling furniture, stuff removal and disposal, and storage. They also offer to buy your old furniture in case you do not want them anymore.

Further, they are very experienced in moving costly and bulky stuff like a grand piano, furniture machines, and safe deposit boxes. They have been assigned to move F1 cars in the past. The prices for moving are affordable and competitive.

KNT Movers provides free tapes, labels, and free boxes for moving projects.


Citi Map Logistics Pte Ltd

Citi Map Logistics Pte Ltd

Citi Map is popular for being flexible to the needs of their customers. A moving representative will be assigned to work with you in every part of your move so that the transition will be smooth. They have a highly committed team that go the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

What they offer: Team of movers and packers, cost-effective prices, quotation and pre-move survey with no commitments, free moving boxes supply, protective wrapping for your fragile items, dismantling and assembling furniture, partitions, fittings, etc., and an option for moving insurance.

Other services: Options for packing and unpacking, business storage at their warehouse


Exped Moving Services Pte Ltd

Top 10 Best Office Relocation Services in Singapore



End of List on the Top 10 Best Office Relocation Services in Singapore


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