Top 10 Best Office Stationery Supplies in Singapore

Here Are the Top 10 Best Office Stationery Supplies in Singapore

You have come to the right place to find the top 10 best office stationery Supplies in Singapore. Back in the 1980s, Singapore’s stationery hub scene was centred in only one place, which is in the Bras Basah Complex. During that time, there was no internet yet. People had to write with a pen and paper to get through school and life in general.

Even if the world has now embraced typing as a means of writing, Singapore’s stationery industry still exists, and it even thrives. Part of the reason is that there are stores that have converted stationery from functional to it being fun. Another reason is because of the speciality segments that were created whether it is for making scrapbooks or designing planners, notebooks, and journals.

Whether you like to write journals or not, it is always nice to see pretty stationery. If you are looking for the perfect stationery sets in Singapore, you will find the top 10 of them here.


Why You Need Office Stationery Supplies in Singapore

  • With all of the advanced technologies found in smartphones, tablets, and projectors, it can be draining to the eyes to look at screens all day. This prompts you to reach for a pen and paper. It can be nice to write notes, colour code them, and categorize without having to tap the keyboard or clicking a mouse.
  • There is still a strong demand for stationery because it provides organization properties. Computers and databases such as clouds can categorize files, but it is a lot easier to navigate through them if they are physically in front of you. If you separate them, labelling notebooks or using ring-binder folders, visually organizing them is simpler. You have easy access to the information each of them contains.
  • You do not have to wait for downloads or anything that can be caused by technological malfunctions such as the printer losing ink or a slow internet connection. Physical copies are reliable if everything is in the right place and nothing is lost. This does not happen if your stationery system is good.
  • Stationery is used in business every day. Imagine doing an interview with people whom you expect to handle a huge contract. You receive two business cards from two salespersons. One is lightweight, can be easily bent, and the company logo is printed on a plain background with the salesperson’s name written just below the logo. The other one is heavier, with a nice professional finish, the printing is embossed or raised with a glossy texture, and the salesperson’s name is engraved in a beautiful font that goes well with the company logo. Which company will you go for?

Stationery communicates the first impression your company makes on a new contract. Whether you are going to leave a business card, include or give an invoice for an order, where that message is printed on says a lot about your business. Using business stationery that shows a positive image of your business sets up what they can expect from your business.


List of the Top 10 Best Office Stationery Supplies in Singapore

1. Overjoyed

Overjoyed offers a wide range of art supplies, making it a one-stop-shop for those who love art. Aside from that, they also have a nice selection of notebooks that is great for anyone who is very particular about their journal.

They have affordable fountain pens, markers, and craft supplies for any age. This store is for any age, but the store has a dedicated section for your kids’ crafting hobby, and they have frequent sketching and painting workshops. Overjoyed has a YouTube channel that you can watch to learn more about arts and crafts or for inspiration.


2. NBC Stationery

NBC Stationery is in Bugis Junction, Raffles City, and JEM malls. Aside from stationery, they also have cute gifts and stuffed toys that range from cuddly monsters to fluffy cats.

You can buy brush and pens, but the price is not as cheap as Overjoyed. They also sell notebooks and letter sets that can be a bit pricey, but the characters are so adorable. You will find gifts you can give to your friends and family, especially the ones with cute and huggable animals and characters.
A lot of their items are imported from Japan. This means you will find a lot of unique products here that you cannot find in other stationery stores.


3. CityLuxe

Based on its name, CityLuxe is a bit more upscale compared to the others on this list. They have fancy and cute brush pens, fountain pens, and stickers for people who want to upgrade their stationery sets and collections.

Something worth mentioning is that CityLuxe offers you to personalize your notebook by engraving it with your name. Therefore, if you want a special gift for your friend or if it’s for you, this is perfect. Journaling can get personal and intimate, and nothing is better than having the owner’s name stylishly embossed on the cover.


4. Muji

Minimalism is quickly becoming popular throughout the world, and that is what Muji embodies in their stationery products. Muji has loyal fans who love its simple yet functional product designs. Since it is a lifestyle concept compared to a speciality store, Muji has a more basic stationery range. You will find pens, notebooks, markers, and storage solutions. It does not have the more sophisticated arts such as canvases, paints, and materials similar to it.

In terms of price, the acrylic stationery holders are quite expensive, but they are worth it. The pens and notebooks are alright.


5. Paper Market

You will find a lot of paper sets here that you can also use as a planner stationery/junkie. It is a one-stop for fancy designs of paper sets because they have every design you can imagine and gold foil. They also have multi-coloured marker sets, brush markers, and deluxe kits for lettering.

Their most popular items include affordable craft papers, stickers, washi tapes, and stamps. You can also join their craft workshops that give lessons on how to craft from pop-up frames to albums.

A lot of people like to browse in their store many times before buying anything because they also discover something new.


6. Smiggle

Smiggle offers bright-coloured stationeries and office supplies. This store manages to bring out your inner child. This is an Australian brand that takes stationery on a whole new level because they are colourful and quirky. You will find pens, pencil cases, highlighters, and more in bright colours. They have fun designs and shapes that make you want to go to school all over again. This store is such a hit, and you can find lunch boxes, bags, and drink bottles.

Another good thing about Smiggle is that you can find it in a lot of malls making it very accessible.


7. Typo

Typo is under the brand Cotton On, and it is a hit among teens. This store is popular for selling hipster and trendy designs that are competitively priced.

They have a huge selection of notebooks, tumblers, and bags that are mostly found with designs that are curated from collaborations with popular brands like Harry Potter, Disney, etc.

Aside from the usual notebooks, they also sell tech accessories and products like Airpod cases, power banks, and headphones.

One word to describe the items in Typo is “Cool” because of the constant range of products they offer. The variety offered here will have you coming back to check out more.


8. Tokyu

Tokyu offers a wide range of Japanese stationery selections and home products. The store has really become popular in Singapore. The majority of their stationeries like pens and stickers are often in Japan-cartoon designs, making them perfect for people who are fans of these styles.

Tokyu also sells pens, washi tapes, and it is a good one-stop-shop for travel accessories, kitchenware, and cosmetics. This store is a bit more expensive, but you will find a lot of brands here like Pentel and Tombow. It is nice to go here when you do not have a lot of time to shop for stationeries because everything is here.


9. Klosh

If you need beginner-friendly ideas, Klosh has products for that. For starters, they sell cheap kits for scrapbooking that is perfect for beginner crafters. They have bestselling washi tapes and planners that are so popular but cost more than other stationery shops. These planners can get you started for the coming year, with beautiful designs to write on.

A lot of people are getting into scrapbooking, but not all of them know where to start. Klosh starts you off on the right foot. You will love their scrapbook designs, which cannot be found in other stationery stores.


10. Krafer’s Paradise

Krafer’s Paradise is stocked with an extensive supply of arts and crafts materials, making it a go-to store for any artist. It is also a good option if you are looking for journal supplies. They have nice writing tools that are mainly used for lettering, acrylic markers, and PVA glue bottles.

Their prices are competitive, and you can buy pens and markers here as well. This store has been around since 2008 and it is the only distributor of Montana Cans. In addition, this company takes pride in being an independent advocate of emerging artists in the country.

Top 10 Best Office Stationery Supplies in Singapore


Starting Your Own Stationery Collection

If you know people who love to collect writing sets, notebooks, pens, pencils, post-its, and even envelopes, they might be a stationery collector. Despite the popularity of electronic gadgets, many people still love to collect stationeries because they find it therapeutic and rewarding.

There are things you have to remember if you want to start a stationery collection:

Basic Types of Stationery

If you are feeling confused about the choices you see in hobby shops, you can build your collection with the basics. These are flat cards, memo pads, stamps, folded notes, embossers, labels, contact cards, and non-personalized cards and notes. However, this list could go on as you discover more things.

Start Building Your Collection

Similar to any kind of collection, the stationeries you choose depends on your style and taste. There are no rules on what stationeries you must collect. However, if you want to use some of them, it is always good to have basic sets. These are memo pads, personalized stationery, formal stationery, and stationeries for different occasions.

You Must Enjoy the Hunt

Even if most stationery collectors will tell you that they find it relaxing to shop for new items, there is more to it. A hobby becomes addictive when you are able to find a rare piece with a unique colour scheme, scent, shape, illustration, text, and other details. If you find this activity to be relaxing and therapeutic, you must go and enjoy it because that is the purpose of a hobby.

Never Feel Guilty

In case you have a lot of unused notebooks and the clutter bothers you, there is no need to feel guilty about your collection. Even if you have a lot of colourful pens and pencils that you never use, it is totally fine because it is your hobby. It is not like most hobbies that will take a chunk out of your income because office supplies and paper are normally cheap. In addition, they do not eat up a lot of space, unless your shelves are already overflowing. Besides, you can also use them on rare occasions like if you want to write a special letter to someone.

The stationery craze in Singapore is what makes it the perfect place to visit if you are a collector. You will find these top 10 stores there and many others.