How to Start a Home-Based Day-Care Business in Singapore?

Tips to Start a Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore and Run it Successfully

You may like children, but cuddling one child and managing multiple children are two different aspects. If you are good with several children at once, then you can start a home-based day-care business in Singapore.

Before you start the business, you should know whether you are planning for a childcare or daycare center. A daycare center is typically run on a more commercial scale, with fixed timings and activities for children throughout the day. A childcare center has lesser children, is a bit flexible in timings and schedules and does not have activities through the day. It is conducted on a demand provision basis. Either way, taking care of children is a hugely responsible job.

If you are planning on running a bigger set-up or upgrade to one after some days, you need to get a license from ACRA, then get checked by an ECDA officer, who will verify whether your home qualifies as a day-care center and will suggest changes if any. After a week, you will get a notification from ECDA. If approved, you can go ahead with establishing your business in Singapore.

Here are some other factors you should consider before you start a home based day-care business in Singapore.



As with any business, before you start a home-based day-care business as well, you should consider costs and do an analysis. Costs may be of three types:

    • Basic costs – costs of construction or renovation or rent
    • Operational costs – costs of infrastructure, staff salaries, and other utilities
    • Special costs – costs of certifications etc.



If you are new to this business, you will benefit greatly by talking to the experienced people in the industry. If that is not possible, you can undergo a training course conducted by the Early Childhood development agency (ECDA). The Singapore workforce development agency and ECDA come together and educate the public about Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).


Hire Reliable and Ample Staff

In the beginning, you may be alone, managing a handful of children. But as you grow, you will have to hire support staff. You will have to appoint a teacher for activities, a cook for providing meals, and a nanny for handling them along with you. You may hire all of them at once or one at a time, but be sure to check their credentials and make sure that they are totally reliable and good with children.


Baby-proof Your Home

If you are planning on taking in very little children, you need to baby proof your home so that they do not inadvertently hurt themselves. Little children are prone to accidents and need to be protected. Get grilles installed on windows and balconies. Keep all glass or other breakable items away. Do not keep toys which they can potentially swallow. All this, plus keeping a constant eye on them will help them be injury-free.

How to Start a Home-Based Day-Care Business in Singapore?


Include a Play Area

Children usually have lots of energy, and they may tire you out with their antics. You need to include a play area at your home for them to expend their energy safely but effectively. You need to include bigger toys like slides, swings or seesaws for them to play with. Allow them to play under your supervision only.

Once you take care of all these points, you are set to start a home-based day-care business in Singapore. Most infrastructure needs only initial investment. You can earn good profits from this business, and once your reputation grows, you can grow your business.