How to Start a Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide on How to Starting a Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore

A home-based business is owned and operated entirely by the homeowner. As one of Singapore’s burgeoning growth markets, Day-care plays a significant role in influencing the mindset of the succeeding generation. Typically operated on a more commercial scale, it has predetermined plans and activities to care for children during the day. Day-care centers aid parents in juggling their professional and family obligations.

Many people often don’t know the differentiation between Day-care and Childcare. Day-care refers to out-of-home care for children during the day while their parents are at work, while Childcare, on the other hand, is more inclusive. A child may be cared for in a child care facility, a family child care home, or by family, friends, or neighbors. Child care is usually associated with flexible timings.

While establishing a business in Singapore is a tempting idea, one must first ponder the specifics associated with starting a business. Not only is it strategically efficient but also cost-effective. There’s nothing worse than delays and incomplete statutory compliance. With that in mind, jumpstart to the specifics of How to Start a Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore!


What Is a Home-based Day-care Business?

For ambitious entrepreneurs who enjoy working with children, a home-based day-care business is an excellent option. Understanding early childhood education is needed for this. The Day-Care needs toys, mats, first-aid kits, cleaning supplies, binders, markers, paper, food, insurance, business registration, and advertisements. The years 0 to 5 are critical for a child’s cognitive development because they try to understand what and how to do things.

Home-based Day-care businesses cater to children under the age of seven. It provides full-day and half-day programs. It aims to educate and improve preschool children through successful early childhood education programs in a healthy and conducive atmosphere. Besides, it offers quality childcare for working parents.


Why Choose to Start a Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore

Singapore’s recognition as one of the safest countries worldwide and World Bank’s 2nd ranked country with the ease of doing business makes it appealing for business establishment. In comparison to other companies, a home-based day-care company has low startup costs and risks. The monetary and emotional benefits are also substantial. In the long term, it is a profitable venture.


Requirements to Start Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore

Home businesses have a small number of employees who are the business owners’ immediate family living in the home premises. The Singaporean government has established a criterion specifying the specifics of a home-based business such that:

  • Certain authorities’ laws and regulations must be adhered to for the operations to take place.
  • There is to be no outside advertising or company signboard.
  • The platform is not exposed to any extraneous traffic.
  • There should be no nuisances or dangers to the nearby residents such as noise, smoke, scent, effluent, or dust.
  • Vans and trucks are not permitted to load and unload goods.
  • Private homes, rather than HDB flats, may be registered as business addresses.
    There should be no external person employed.

The Child Care Centers Law is the law that governs the establishment of a Day-Care center in Singapore. It states that before beginning the opening of Day-Care in Singapore, the business owner must meet specified legal criteria. The entire process of setting up a child care center is supervised by the country’s Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). Listed are the requirements:

  1. The applicant for a child care permit must be at least 21 years old;
  2. The applicant and the company’s management must have no criminal records or offense under the Woman’s Charter or the Child and Young Persons Act.
  3. The Day-care center’s staff must have preschool teaching certificates;
  4. The Early Childhood Development Agency or the Ministry of Social and Family
  5. Development must not have any warning letters.
  6. To be able to function, the business owner must first register for the available structures.


Guidelines for Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore

Home-based Day-care businesses require substantial resources and local statutory compliance to function smoothly. This context provides aid in helping prospective individuals planning to start a Home-based Day-care business in Singapore.

Day-Care Business Research

Starting a business requires prior knowledge as to the market background. Like any other business, one has to plan and estimate the needs of the venture. Business plan creation and legal structure assessment can keep you on tabs on the business standpoints and governmental obligations. Naming and Branding will also reflect and represent the business.

Day-Care Prerequisites

Business needs funding. A budget financially fuels statutory compliance completion for licensing, safety-concerned materials, business supplies, and physical necessities. Basic costs, operational costs, and costs of certifications are fees to be paid. Day-Care employees need training as well.

Suitable Home Premise

Starting a Day-Care in a private commercial premise must acquire permission for premise usage changes from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Listed are guidelines issued by ECDA for mandatory approval:

  • The Day-Care center must be on the building ground floor.
  • The building layout and structure must be safe and convenient for children’s supervision.
  • The area must be accessible to the community and away from main roads, gas stations, and traffic hazards.
  • Capacity is sufficient for the number of children.
  • There must be necessary and proper facilities.
  • There is access to the office area, outdoor play space, and storage area.

Business Registration & Licensing

Upon taking into consideration the requirements of acquiring government clearance approval, the business registration can commence. The Day-Care is registerable to the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Partnership and sole proprietorship are subject to Medisave Contributions payment. Successful registration paves the way to the scheduling of pre-licensing visits courtesy of the Early Childhood Officer. The license takes 14 days to be approved.


How to Grow a Home-based Day-care Business?


Accreditation signifies that the company meets high expectations in areas such as education and protection in the child care industry. It assures the parents of their child’s safety and the establishment’s competence. The Singapore Preschool Accreditation System (SPARK) is a quality assurance framework designed to help Singapore’s preschools improve their performance. SPARK establishes standards for preschools to compare themselves to and determine their level of achievement.

Online Listings & Websites

Local website listings assist in providing an overview of your business. It broadens the network’s scope to include more potential customers. While word-of-mouth marketing is efficient, having a website helps institutionalize the brand and offers customers a place to learn more about the services.

Social Media

Online, social media is a fantastic way to communicate with current and future customers. It makes content sharing and customer interaction more convenient. Facebook and Instagram are good platforms for business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows the company to appear at the top of search results. Build a free Google My Business listing to appear in Google Maps results. It helps share a summary of your company, as well as its hours, location, photographs, contact information, and other details. It aids in gathering customer feedback as well, which can make a huge difference when potential buyers are searching your listing. Online, social media is a fantastic way to communicate with current and future customers. It makes content sharing and customer interaction more convenient.

How to Start a Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore


The Home-based Day-care is accountable for the young generation. Resources and regulatory adherence in business management cannot be oversimplified. Customer satisfaction hinges on the safety and competence of employees. Businesses must have a complete understanding of the specifics.

Growing a company in Singapore is an investment subject to market fluctuations. Establishing a positive customer relationship requires time and commitment. We have done the part of giving an overview of Singapore’s Child Care Industry, whether you are just investigating it or preparing to explore it. Get a head start on starting a Home-based Day-care Business in Singapore!