How To Start A Bakery Business From Home In Singapore?

Great Ideas and Tips to Start a Bakery Business from Home in Singapore

From homemade cookies to freshly baked bread, home bakers are creating a niche for themselves in the bakery business. If you are a baker too and wish to start a bakery business from home in Singapore, there are some guidelines for you.


Home-based Small Scale Business Scheme Guidelines

The guidelines for any home business in Singapore are set by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). These organizations supervise the home-based small-scale business scheme and allow homeowners to start small businesses from home.

The basic doubt that many people have is that whether you will need to get a license before you start a bakery business from home. The answer is no. You need not get your bakery business licensed, but you need to follow some guidelines.

These guidelines are:

Do Not Register Your HDB Flat Address as Your Business Address

HDB flats are strictly meant to be used as residential spaces. You cannot register your HDB flat address as the address of your business. But if you live in private residential premises, you can register the same as your business address, provided you do not make any material change of use of your home.

Should Not Cause Discomfort to Neighbors

You must be very careful regarding causing any trouble to your neighbors. Your neighbors should not be disturbed by loud sounds, smoke or smells while you are baking at your home.

No Recruitments

You cannot give employment to a third person for helping you out in making or delivering your baked products. You may take the help of friends and family, but no one must earn a salary off your bakery business.

No Loading or Unloading Goods Through Vans or Trucks

This simply means that you cannot buy raw material in bulk and produce baked products on a large scale. A home-based bakery business is just a way for supplementing your income. You cannot make it your main source of income.

No Public Advertising

You can sell your baked products only to people you know, or those who contact you through word of mouth publicity. You cannot put paid ads or distribute leaflets or out up signboards to publicize your business. However, you can post about the sale of your products on social media.

No Food Stalls

You cannot sell your baked goods by setting up food stalls, food events or fairs, or even at commercial food shops.

How To Start A Bakery Business From Home In Singapore?


Health and Safety Standards

Though you need not get a license to start a bakery business at home in Singapore, you need to strictly adhere to the food hygiene guidelines issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA). These guidelines ensure that your baked goods are of top quality in terms of hygiene. Public cafes or eateries are subject to a graded system of checking. This is, however, not possible to do in residential premises.


The NEA’s food hygiene guidelines for Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme  are:

  1. You must maintain personal hygiene
  2. Your work area and the appliances used should be clean
  3. Food should be safe to consume, with raw materials of good quality and within their expiry dates
  4. Food should be stored in a proper way

If you wish to grow your bakery business from home, you might want to join a baking community. These communities help you connect with other bakers and also help you learn new skills and recipes. Some baking communities are particular about maintaining their standards, so you may have to give some tests, like a taste test, or some might require you to obtain a food hygiene certification too. If you are willing to fulfill these or any other requirements, you can join the community and have access to a larger client base.

Last but not least, if your business grows well and you wish to increase sales, you can get a Food Shop license and open a commercial eatery with employees and a supplier to provide you with raw material. In this case, you go out of the scope of the Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme.

If you love baking, you can easily convert your talent into a source of income. Just keep in mind the guidelines required, so that your baked products are of the highest quality and you get a loyal clientele. The more hygienic you are, the more the demand for your baked goods will grow.