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Shelf Company for Sale Services – Buy from AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong

Buy an Existing Business? Or Start from Scratch? AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong Offers Ready-Made Shelf Company for Sale Services for Every Need. Should you start a brand-new business in Singapore? Or buy an existing shelf company for sale? That’s the question who is on every entrepreneur’s mind.
In the battle between new versus old, which option is going to come out on top? The state of Singapore is home to a wealth of business opportunities waiting for you. However, your success depends on choosing the right option to suit your needs. Here at AI Accountant, our seasoned Account Manager Chai Chung Hoong who is the best person to e-walk you through your options.

Beginning Your New Venture

Singapore State Company Law has strict criteria for foreign investors trying to make their mark in this island state. Especially when it comes to starting a business. There are various entity options available for consideration. Typically, entrepreneurs would weigh the pros and cons of incorporating a business in Singapore from scratch or to purchase an existing company. These entities are known as ready-made shelf company for sale.
Each option is worthy of careful consideration, given that they both have their advantages. Investors need to decide based on several factors. With either option, it is best if you have the right team to assist you along the way. Many corporate service providers are there to court you. You’re going to need expertise to help you select the correct service provider who is going to help you structure and handle the nitty-gritty paperwork. This is where AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong’s years of experience is going to become invaluable to help you fulfil the statutory requirements of the Companies Act.

Shelf Company for Sale in Singapore

Compare Benefits of Shelf Company for Sale and Incorporating New Business?

The benefits of starting a new business from scratch are evident:

  • You know the company’s history from the start
  • You get creative freedom from the beginning
  • It’s new and exciting and full of possibilities
  • You get to choose the name
  • You get to decide its image
  • You get to choose the location
  • Tax benefits from the State Government eager to court newly-incorporated companies to Singapore
  • Cheaper than buying an existing business

What about a ready-made shelf company for sale? Why would investors choose a shelf company over starting new? That’s because shelf companies have their own benefits to offer:

  • You get to start straight away because the company is already incorporated
  • Save time and effort handling the paperwork
  • The age of the company can be an advantage. Being around for several years lends some credibility to the company’s reputation. Customers find it easier to trust an “established” company rather than a new “unknown”.
  • You can introduce the necessary changes you need, including changing the name and structure.
  • Banks are more willing to approve loans from companies that have already been around for some time.

Which Option Do I Choose?

Deciding between a new or existing shelf company for sale is not easy. It depends on what your plans for the business are and how you intend to use the business entity. Is it for trading or to open a chain of Italian restaurants serving ravioli pasta? It depends on where you want your business to be in the future and which entity is better suited to get you there. The big decision ultimately rests in your hands, but if you need specialised assistance, help is always available.

Ready to Start Your Business? We’re Here to Help

Account Manager Chai Chung Hoong and the AI Accountant team are well-versed with the dynamics of the Singapore business scene. With 10-years of experience to his name, let Chai Chung Hoong and the team walk you through all the questions you have about each entity.
We’re here to help you make an informed decision for the best future of your business. We have the best Shelf Company for Sale Services package to cater and to suit every business need. At AI Accountant, we want you to succeed just as much as you do. For more information about starting a business in Singapore, visit our website or contact us today. The verdict is out. Choose AI Accountant.