What is the Best Women’s Business in Singapore?

Setting up a Women’s Business in Singapore is an Excellent Idea

Singapore is a top destination for entrepreneurs when they are looking for a place to set up a business. In addition, the government gives a solid support to entrepreneurs so they can have everything from co-working spaces, grants, and international investors. That is the reason why Singapore is Asia’s hottest hub. If you have been procrastinating about setting up a women’s business in Singapore, do not waste more time because it is definitely worth it.

Online Marketing

Since people go online often, there is an increasing need for businesses to advertise themselves and sell products with it. This is why businesses and professionals that offer online marketing service are in demand. The services could be from search engine optimization to copywriting. If you are an experienced web developer, or an SEO specialist, or a social media marketer, Singapore has a lot for you. In addition, even your copywriting services will get you far in Singapore.


Since they are maintaining the red tape level in the democracy, there is very few government agencies regulating the sales and offer of franchises. Singapore’s Franchising and Licensing Association is the national franchising body of Singapore. This association’s mission is to help and develop the franchising industry of Singapore. In addition, any company that offers franchising can join this association.


Singapore is actively promoting and improving their biotechnology industry. Singapore’s government already spent millions to develop infrastructure, for fund research, recruiting top scientists, and development. Aside from that, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline already have a plant in Singapore. Which means, the opportunities are huge if you decide to invest in biotechnology. Although, this industry will require a strong background and huge capital.


If you know more than 1 language, you can earn money from home just by translating documents. This type of business could go global, and even the top translation software is not equipped to understand all nuances in languages. You can start doing this on your own and once you have a steady workflow, some of them can be assigned to other translators that you will hire. Instead of just you doing all the work, you can now get other to work for you. There is definitely money in this and the rate you demand can be high.


Even if Singapore has very limited usable land, the city has relied a lot on agrotechnology for consumption and production of agriculture. Although, the need for food and agricultural products seems to outweigh the supply every day because not a lot of entrepreneurs venture into it. if you are interested in this type of business, it is never too late to start, especially there’s very few competitors.

Internet Security Consulting

If you have a lot of knowledge about technology and you know how to make computers secure so they won’t get hacked, small businesses can make you a huge asset. Unlike what the businesses can afford to spend, these small companies cannot spend big on cyber security. However, they still need to provide protection for their internet customers.

Real Estate

What is the Best Women’s Business in Singapore?The price of buildings, homes, and business properties in Singapore are quite high compared to other countries. Keeping up with the philosophy of Singapore make things run smoothly and setting up a business is easy. There are certain measures in place that prevents pricing inflation from happening. The government of Singapore monitors the movement of real estate monthly, and make changes that are needed to make this part of their economy stable.\

Snacks and Fast Food

Singapore has a very good market for selling snacks and fast food. This means you can really invest and make huge profit by selling snacks like pizza, barbeque, and others. Going into this kind of business does not require any academic certifications and you only need a small capital to get started.

The best kinds of women’s business in Singapore are the ones that fulfill a need and desire of people. In addition, it should also be something you love and are passionate about.