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Easy Buy Sell Business helps businesses in Singapore to buy and sell their businesses quickly, effectively, and efficiently in a secure, one-stop portal. We are a 100% free listing platform dedicated to anyone who has ever faced difficulty selling their businesses. With a team of experienced specialists and brokers with great expertise, we live up to our professionalism to conduct successful business transactions. Easy Buy Sell Business has garnered many positive reviews and we are also recognized as Singapore’s Most Innovative Business for Sales Platform.

Lawrence Chai, a technopreneur, founded Easy Buy Sell Business in 2017. Since the inception of Easy Buy Sell Business, our website has only grown stronger and better day by day to become Singapore’s top buying and selling platform voted for by its users. Lawrence found that buying and selling businesses in Singapore was time-consuming and challenging. He was determined to help businesses in Singapore buy and sell their businesses effortlessly and effectively.

Fuelled by his passion to help every business entity – from micro SMEs to large corporations experience the convenience of buying and selling their businesses, he founded Easy Buy Sell Business. With that, he made this one-stop portal easily accessible and easy to use for everyone – users need not go through the hassle of closing unwanted pop-up advertisements on our website. The portal also provides comprehensive information and professional advice on all aspects of business set-up from company incorporation to corporate secretarial services. As such, we are committed to providing our clients with premium and cost-effective services.

Easy Buy Sell Business specializes in buying and selling of businesses, and business takeovers. Our clientele includes but is not limited to retails, restaurants, and accounting, secretarial, audit, consulting, and IT firms.

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