Pegasus International Preschool – Transformative Childcare Preschool Education in Singapore

Pegasus International Preschool – Transformative and Creativity Childcare Preschool Education

Renowned as an inquiry-based learning institution, Pegasus is finally taking recognition for creating a conducive and inquiring environment for young learners. Now caring for a large number of preschoolers, Pegasus is even more motivated to deliver curriculum and programs that will ensure a fun learning experience.

About Pegasus International Preschool

Pegasus International Preschool Singapore (PIPS) is a learning institution for starting learners aged 18 months to 6 years. Now considered the best preschool in Singapore, Pegasus Preschool offers new unique programs like Smart Toddlers and Fun Friday, in addition to the nursery and kindergarten programs. Pegasus is famous for its inquiry-based learning that empowers children to explore their interests actively.

Pegasus realizes the importance of the children’s early learnings in shaping their attitudes for higher education and in how they grow as they age. With this in mind, Pegasus Preschool takes a multifaceted approach to teaching. In Pegasus, we believe that together- the teacher, parents, and the environment will shape the youth’s mental, physical and social development.

How it Started

It all started with a vision: to make a difference in the children’s early education. Committed to seeing this goal through, Pegasus International Preschool was founded in May 2013, offering a conducive and interactive learning environment for young learners in Singapore. From the beginning, Pegasus’ idea is really to make the children’s learning experience more fun and holistic. To reach this end, Pegasus incorporates nature exposure and exciting activities in its curriculum and programs.

More than just supporting the preschoolers in learning their basic math, science and language, Pegasus Preschool also aims for healthy and complete development in all aspects. Knowing the benefits of outdoor learning setups, we allow the children to explore, practice and master their emerging physical skills outdoors.

Running, leaping, and jumping outside is where they can fully experience their motor abilities. And activities such as ball handling, throwing, catching and striking will allow them to practice their developing hand-eye coordination. At times, we also do drawing, reading and cooking outside.

The sunshine stimulates the kids’ Pineal gland that regulates their biological clock and is vital in strengthening the immune system. Allowing the children in outdoor environments keeps them happy, healthy and in touch with nature.

Pegasus International Preschool – Transformative Childcare Preschool Education in Singapore

Pegasus Today

It hasn’t been such a long time, yet the Pegasus Preschool’s journey from its conception to today has been such a learning experience. Not just for the students but also for all the hands and minds behind the children’s smiles and development. From then ‘till today, Pegasus has been a strong figure at producing a child-friendly environment and at nurturing the preschoolers’ excitement and curiosity. Indeed, there is no question that Pegasus International Preschool is good at what it does and is the best kindergarten in Singapore.

At Pegasus, where the curriculum focuses on inquiry-based learning, children start learning by interacting with the environment and then asking questions. This method is possible because the school is more than just a building and a room; it is filled with attention-grabbing objects that spark the children’s interest. That, coupled with fun outdoor activities, is structured to make the children’s Pegasus experience worthwhile.

Today, Pegasus Preschool offers its nursery and kindergarten programs and more! The nursery 1 and 2 programs cater for children aged 3 to 4 years old respectively.  Meanwhile, the Kindergarten 1 and 2 programs are for 5 to 6 years old preschoolers. There is a special program for starting learners from 18-35 months old in the smart toddler program.

Pegasus’ Fun Friday is the newest program for preschoolers in Singapore. It’s a whole day filled with fun activities and surprises. It fortifies the school’s goal of making learning fun- giving the kids time to break away from their usual classroom routines. Here, they can try out musical instruments and discover music. They also play sports and do mini-chefs. With these activities, the students learn values like sportsmanship, camaraderie, and patience while strengthening their motor skills.

Pegasus International Preschool’s success today is not possible without the parents who took the leap and trusted Pegasus in their children’s wellbeing and learning. This continued support is what pushes Pegasus Preschool to consistently deliver top-quality early education.

Looking Into the Future

It started with a vision. Now Pegasus is one of the excellent childcare in Singapore and is definitely making a difference in Singapore’s early education. Dedicated to keeping the title ‘Singapore best preschool’, Pegasus International Preschool continues to explore and develop programs that will supplement and make the students’ learning experience even more transformative. With continued support, Pegasus International Preschool Singapore will carry on giving its best caring and shaping the young learners in Singapore.

Pegasus International Preschool
72 Keng Lee Road
Leve 2 & 4 (within the Kim Mui Hoey Kuan Building)
Singapore 219248
Contact: +65 6291 8286