Engage 3E Accounting the Pioneer Robotics Accounting Firm as Your Corporate Secretarial Agency

Role of Company Secretary

Secretaries are crucial to support the daily operations of a company. Incorporated companies in Singapore are required by law to appoint a company secretary. It is therefore very important to get a reliable and capable secretary for a company to grow and continue business expansion.


Professional Corporate Secretary – 3E Accounting Is Your Choice

With a strong team of highly qualified and experienced professionals whose expertise cover a wide range of practices such as accounting, tax, corporate secretarial etc., 3E Accounting is a one-stop solution for all your business needs. Strongly adhering to its mission of conveying efficiency, effectiveness and economy, 3E Accounting ensures that service levels are of the highest quality to help its valued clients in any ways possible. It ensures that clients’ time is not wasted, such as having an around-the-clock phone servicing to provide professional advice to queries.

Over the years, 3E Accounting has been well-recognized for its exemplary services globally, and has been featured on major media platforms ranging from Channel NewsAsia to Consultancy.asia. Being associate members of the Singapore Association of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, 3E Accounting’s corporate secretarial team is experienced in dealing with related government agency matters and provides top-notch secretarial and administrative services to its clients in accordance to the local regulations. 3E Accounting understands the importance of a proficient and complete secretarial system, hence its secretarial services stand out in the market by being the few providers to cover for all administrative aspects of businesses. This allows companies to focus on taking their businesses to greater heights while 3E Accounting supports them.


Incorporating Technology Into Secretarial Services

Being recognised as Asia-Pacific’s pioneer robotics accounting firm, 3E Accounting invests heavily in Research & Development to integrate customized technologies into its daily business operations. This allows for remote clientele servicing, which makes it more flexible and convenient as both parties do not have to schedule for a common time to meet physically. Voluminous, routine tasks are being automated, and with the digitization of 3E Accounting, it can go 100% digital through the deployment of Cloud and automation solutions to achieve significant time savings, driving firm efficiency and productivity by up to 90%.

Furthermore, the adoption of Cloud computing allows for structured and systematic storage and retrieval of digital administrative documents of companies. Also, automation has expedited various secretarial processes. For example, the incorporation of a company in terms of due diligence and paperwork can be completed in 1 hour instead of the normal 2 days as a result of technology adoption. With the time savings from the smoothened provision of services and delivering of results to clients in the fastest time possible, 3E Accounting’s company secretaries are able to further value-add to clients by providing business advisory and technology services.

Engage 3E Accounting the Pioneer Robotics Accounting Firm as Your Corporate Secretarial Agency


Positive and Appreciative Online Reviews

3E Accounting’s strong and established IT infrastructure enables the tech firm to provide professional – incorporation and corporate secretarial services that result in many clients giving positive and appreciative reviews online that reflects the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of 3E Accounting’s company secretaries. By placing clients as a top priority, 3E Accounting strives to further enhance its business operations and provision of professional services to bring clientele servicing beyond excellence, living up to its reputation of being the best provider of corporate secretarial services in the market.