Landscaping Services in Singapore

Landscaping Services in Singapore

Landscaping helps to improve visible exteriors of an area or terrain and also makes it more attractive to people who frequent the area. Singapore, in particular, is called the ‘Garden City’ and is known for creative landscaping that blends well with its urban city architecture. Services for landscaping may be provided for both commercial or residential spaces.

Types of Landscaping Services

It is important to engage a professional landscaper in order to reap the full benefits of a well-made landscape. Our recommended landscaper provides the following range of essential landscaping services:

1. Garden Living Walls

This is a modern landscape design that involves adding living plants onto vertical building structures. Garden walls help to provide an artistic and soothing touch to urban designs and also act as a natural filter by recycling pollutants in the surrounding air.

2. Roof Garden

Roof gardens have become widely popular in city buildings as it provides a nice retreat and also enhances the great view from a rooftop. It serves as both a decorative and environmental benefit while attracting people to visit the building.

3. Tree Maintenance & Pruning

Trees in urban settings are essential for providing shade and contribute to the greenery of its surroundings. Also, urban trees require regular maintenance in the form of regular fertilization and pruning to look tidy. Overgrown branches should be pruned to prevent safety concerns while maintaining a layer of mulch around the tree base and removing dying or diseased branches are also necessary to keep urban trees healthy.

4. Water Features

Water features such as a fountain attraction or a man-made pond or lake are a great way to enhance the surroundings and provide a good focal point in landscape design. They serve to provide a relaxing atmosphere and blend well with other garden features. In Singapore’s climate, water features also add to a refreshing feel during hot days.

5. Ground Maintenance

Ground maintenance involves the following gardening services:

  • Lawn Care: Grass
  • Weed Control
  • Trimming & Planting
  • Garden & Lead Clearance
  • Tree Pruning, Shaping, Planting & Removal
  • Shrub Planting and Planting Designs
  • Pond and Water Feature Cleaning
  • Pest and Disease Control

6. Commercial Landscaping & Maintenance Services

Professional commercial landscaping is used to enhance the attractiveness of commercial space. Also, a unique and memorable commercial landscape leaves a lasting impression on consumers’ minds and will attract more people to frequent the area.

Commercial landscapes are commonly found in office buildings, retail shopping malls, hotels, schools, and more.

Landscaping Services in Singapore

Recommended Landscaper in Singapore

B2S Specialist is a highly-experienced professional landscaper and building maintenance provider in Singapore. They have more than 10 years of experience and can provide all your landscaping needs for both commercial and residential areas.