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Toh Thye San Farm – Singapore’s Leading Antibiotic Residue-Free GG French Poulet Supply Chain

Looking at the increasing use of growth enhancers, hormones and antibiotics in the feed of poultry animals; and the growing risk of antibiotic resistant infections in humans who consume meat and poultry products made from livestock fed with growth promoting antibiotics, Toh Thye San ventured into the livestock industry to make the change.

A Brief Company Profile
In 1979, Toh Thye San started his own poultry farm by the name “Toh Thye San Farm” with a mission to provide people with top quality, hygienic, fresh and safe chicken, free from antibiotic residue. Starting as a livestock supplier, over a span of 37 years, Toh Thye San Farm has evolved into a one stop, well-integrated and trusted fresh and frozen food supplier.

Toh Thye San Farm currently has 12 farms in the region of Sepang – one breeder and eleven broiler farms. All farms are accredited by the industry’s leading accreditation bodies including the Department of Veterinary Services, Agri-food & Veterinary Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture in Malaysia.

Top Quality Hygienic Fresh ChickenFarms led by Toh Thye San rear two chicken breeds, the Naked Neck Chicken which the company has rebranded by the name An Xin Chicken and the commercial white broiler. An Xin Chicken is the 1st broiler from Toh Thye San Farm that is reared in a clean and hygienic environment using natural health supplements. As it is free from chemical growth hormones and antibiotics, it is both safe and healthy. Besides this, this chicken is premium quality. These birds are from France and unlike regular chickens, have long naked necks.

The company specializes in the production and marketing of GG French Poulet, which is the premier poultry of choice for top restaurants like Restaurant Andre, Restaurant Gunthers, and Bincho.

Towards A Strong Market Reputation
Today, reputed as Singapore’s leading antibiotic residue-free GG French Poulet supplier, the team behind Toh Thye San Farm worked extremely hard to achieve the success that they enjoy today.

Toh Thye San started his journey by supplying livestock to Geylang Serai Market, the busiest and biggest wet markets in Singapore. Leveraging his unmatched expertise in managing farms, his strong network and his in-depth knowledge, Toh Thye San gained a strong foothold in the Malay Market.

He faced many challenges before he could establish a strong market reputation and become a household name.

Two of the biggest challenges Toh Thye San Farm faced were cash flow and logistics, and positioning his poultry supply as safe and healthy. Since Toh Thye San had a good payment history, he was seen as a credible and trustworthy individual. This helped him secure better credit lines and overcome cash flow problems.

To overcome the second challenge that Toh Thye San Farm was up against, they focused on quality, product range expansion and strategic marketing to establish a strong market reputation that they enjoy today.

They value the contributions of the dedicated team who worked with them to take Toh Thye San Farm to greater heights.

Toh Thye San Farm An Xin Chicken

An Xin Chicken
Toh Thye San Farm ensured that the chicken they provided to the market was free from growth enhancers and antibiotics, non greasy in taste and tender. And for quality assurance, they managed, supervised and integrated production line, in-house.

Furthermore, to stand out from the crowd, and give customers better assurance, they made sure that their work process was communicated to them. So, they rebranded their chicken. It was named An Xin which means peace of mind and assurance in Chinese.

Besides this, Toh Thye San Farm also marketed their poultry differently. Their poultry was dressed with a yellow band around their leg with the word GG and phrase Antibiotic Residue Free. This earned the confidence of their customers over time and made Toh Thye San Farm poultry the first choice among white meat consumers.

To reach out and cater to a larger consumer base, they expanded their product line by introducing frozen poultry, roast gourmet and cooked food product and tapped into new segments successfully.

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