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A1 Cleaning Services – Creating Clean and Hygienic Environment, Giving Value that Goes Beyond Cleaning

Time is money. We all know it and we all live by it. However, we often forget to dedicate time, or just don’t have enough time to keep our homes and workplaces clean. We realize that a clean and hygienic environment improves quality of life and workplace productivity, but often the task is overbearing. That’s where A1 Cleaning Services has made a lasting impact with its mission to provide more than just cleaning services.

A1 Cleaning Services started as a small business and has soon become a respected cleaning services company in Singapore. The vision is simple, but it is the execution that makes the business a rising star.

A1 Cleaning ServicesHumble Beginnings
It all started in a year, when Bryan Goh finally decided that it was time to set up a company that will meet the needs of consumers and business in providing services that create clean and hygienic spaces. Passionate about environment preservation and is always looking to fortify development, Bryan knew that his vision could only be fulfilled with a business, but it would take time.

So he started out by providing residential cleaning services to senior citizens. He believed that clean environment has long term positive effects on human health and well-being.  His values and commitment to serving the people translated into unprecedented growth. A few months later, A1 Facility Services was established, a commercial cleaning business that would soon become the foundation of A1 Cleaning Services.

Winning over Client Satisfaction and Loyalty
Headed by Bryan, his team of professional cleaners continued to grow, and so did the client satisfaction and loyalty. He realized that investing in his staff through training and motivation was going to inspire them to work at the best of their abilities to serve homes, workplaces, and commercial properties in Singapore, with exceptional cleaning services.

A1 Cleaning Services Cleaning Company for Home and OfficesIt was only a matter of time, and Bryan knew big things were in store for his business. In just a couple of months, A1 Facility Services became A1 Cleaning Services, with a fast growing workforce and client base. Growth wasn’t so smooth, but Bryan had the perfect solution to one of the most perplexing problems faced by cleaning services today.

Manpower issues start to take a toll on cleaning service. However, that was not the case here. Bryan, who values education and personal growth, started providing weekly training and classes to add new skills and improve existing ones in his workforce. It paid off well in the form of happy residential and commercial clients whose needs resonate with the values of A1 Cleaning Services.

Spend Time on Tasks that Have a Greater Value
Today, A1 Cleaning Services caters to homes, residential complexes, offices, factories, schools, hotels, and hospitals in 70 areas island wide and are still expanding. It employs a dynamic workforce of male and female cleaners from different backgrounds who compliment Bryan’s vision.

A1 Cleaning Services understands the importance of spending quality time with people who matters. They took care of the cleaning tasks being outsourced to them, leaving their clients with more time to spend on tasks that have a greater value and ensure that their family get their priority time.

A1 Cleaning Services is changing the way we think of cleanliness and hygiene. The business has left a mark on the industry by giving value to its clients that goes beyond cleaning.

A1 Cleaning Services
Address: 50 Serangoon North Avenue 4
#09-07 First Centre
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Contact: +65 9116 8889
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