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Collyer Law — Providing Cost-Effective, Mission-Critical Legal Advice to SMEs and Entrepreneurial Start-ups

Entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs face considerable challenges as they work to bring new ideas and introduce new products and services to the marketplace while competing with larger, more established companies.

From selecting the right business structure to ensuring compliance to local and international rules and regulations for tax and employment, there are several legal aspects associated with establishing and operating a business. Ignoring these legal issues can stifle the growth of a business, and endanger its survival in today’s highly-regulated and competitive marketplace. Therefore, entrepreneurial start-ups and SMEs must consult with an experienced professional who can help them address these legal issues in a practical manner.

Collyer Law Team at WorkSpecialised Legal Advice and Services for Start-ups and SMEs
Collyer Law LLC is a dynamic Singapore law firm, focused on providing specialised legal advice and services to start-ups and SMEs, helping them navigate today’s complex legal landscape with complete ease.

The lawyers at Collyer Law LLC have a rare and invaluable grasp of the legal issues faced by entrepreneurial start-ups and SMEs operating across a wide range of industries. The firm was founded by ‘Big Law’ attorneys possessing wide-ranging legal expertise, having been entrepreneurs themselves, in cross-border international legal matters, and having worked previously in the UK, USA, India and Singapore.

The mission of Collyer Law is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses identify and mitigate legal risk by providing them a comprehensive range of legal services that includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Company Formation and Founder Arrangements
  • Seed, Angel, Venture capital and Private Equity Financing
  • Intellectual Property, Licensing and Technology transactions
  • Commercial contracts and business advisory
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate finance, restructuring, and joint ventures
  • Disputes and international arbitration

Innovative, Outcome-oriented Approach
There are three key things that set Collyer Law apart from traditional law firms: the company’s deep industry knowledge, particularly for all traditional industries being disrupted by technology; its flexible, outcome-oriented approach; and affordable, value-driven services. The legal professionals at Collyer Law use their experience of working with Big Law firms and their innovative approach to wrench the cost curve down and bend the value curve up to make professional legal advice affordable and valuable to start-ups and SMEs.

Disrupting the Traditional Legal Services Model with FIRSTCOUNSEL
As a thought leader and visionary in the international legal market, the founder of Collyer Law, Azmul Haque, saw the need for the legal services industry to evolve beyond its traditional boundaries. “Traditional law-firms are shackled by age-old ways of engaging with clients and hiring lawyers.” Having worked with 5 Top Ten law-firms in 3 different countries, Azmul saw the problem persisted across geographies and cultures, though some more pronounced than others.

Together with Noemie Alintissar, a French PR and business graduate passionate about digital disruption, Azmul established FIRSTCOUNSEL, an omni-channel digital legal support product and solution for the early-stage economy.

FirstCOUNSEL is a legal-tech platform designed to provide on-demand tailored legal support to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs. From online support on incorporation to access to a comprehensive library of commercial contracts and in-house lawyers on demand, FirstCOUNSEL provides early-stage businesses with a one-stop-solution for all their legal support needs.  “We don’t think Robot Lawyers will start arguing cases before the Supreme Court (not just yet!) but there are certainly many aspects of current legal support services that can be better undertaken through the enablement of technology”, adds Noemie Allintissar.

The team at the Collyer Law Group believes that technology will continue to disrupt industries and increase competition across borders, and therefore, the FIRSTCOUNSEL platform also focuses on leveraging technology to make legal advice accessible and affordable for businesses.

Sound Legal Advice from Cradle to Exit!
Law-firms like Collyer Law LLC serve an integral role in today’s innovation-driven marketplace where start- ups and SMEs are faced with ever-growing legal concerns. From the start-up phase during which a business requires basic advice about tax, financing, and business structure to the interim phase when SMEs face many more legal issues, such as ensuring protection of intellectual property to staying compliant to employment rules and regulations, Collyer Law offers sound legal advice to businesses at all stages of their growth.  By helping the early-stage economy avoid financial and reputational liabilities associated with non-compliance, and focus instead on their own business and growth opportunities available to them, Collyer Law LLC is a pillar for Singapore’s vibrant start-up ecosystem.

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