Top 10 Best Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Best Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers in Singapore

As competitions, innovation, and growth drive global economies, mergers and acquisitions remain necessary for business excellence. As an international commercial and investment hub, Singapore continues to experience a steady rise in business activity. This, in turn, is driving interest and action in the consolidation and expansion of existing enterprises. Serious investors and entrepreneurs are willing to pay top dollar for the best mergers and acquisitions lawyers in Singapore.

Singapore has a world-class infrastructure with solid governance, business-friendly foreign investment policies, and a robust digital and technological landscape. The island nation is proving to be a popular destination for those with interest in mergers and acquisitions. These transactions appear to be hitting new peaks, and industry reports show a stellar rise well into 2022.

The Government’s Budget for 2022 will extend the Enterprise Financing Scheme for Mergers and Acquisition until 2026. The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) will also offer special incentives for such transactions. A competitive tax regime and a futureproof legal framework are proving to be just the ticket to inspire investor confidence.

As mergers and acquisitions continue to excite investors and entrepreneurs, having a reliable legal team is a given. A competent attorney will secure your interests and expertly negotiate the outcome you desire. Engaging such lawyers is the safest way to level the playing field or gain an edge. This guide presents Singapore’s Top 10 list of the industry’s finest attorneys who get the job done seamlessly.


What Are Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers?

Mergers and acquisitions lawyers are sometimes known as M&A attorneys. They handle the legal aspects of buying, selling, or consolidating a business, either wholly or in portions. The core nature of their work involves drafting contracts and structuring financial solutions to facilitate a business merger or acquisition. In Singapore, different legal rules apply, depending on whether the M&A is public or private.

M&A lawyers play an essential role in the modern business ecosystem and are indispensable in ensuring smooth and compliant transactions. Singapore’s best mergers and acquisitions lawyers work competently and swiftly to create the best solutions for their clients. Their knowledge and skill of the legal framework are extensive, and their job scope includes:

  • Acting as the go-between or primary point of contact for the parties
  • Carrying out due diligence and advising parties on conflicts of interest and other issues
  • Preparing viable financing solutions, i.e., tender for stocks, debt assumption, cash buyouts, etc.
  • Advising on directors’ fiduciary duties, shareholders’ rights, etc.
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts, mitigating risk, observing corporate formalities, etc.
  • Working with tax consultants, providing a disclosure schedule, etc.
  • Carrying out the appropriate fillings, submissions, etc.
  • Ensuring smooth performance toward transaction closure

The term itself means an amalgamation of business assets or companies via restructuring and transitions. It is important to note that the two terms are not synonymous. A merger facilitates the creation of a new entity, while an acquisition indicates the purchase of a business. They share similar goals of increasing share prices, expansion, and growth, removing competition, creating strategic alliances, and entering new markets.

Mergers and acquisitions can occur via any of the following circumstances:

  • Two businesses merge to form one new company
  • A company acquires stocks or significant assets of another
  • A business buys or assimilates another business wholly
  • A company stages a hostile takeover of another business


Why Do You Need Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers?

The M&A scene in Singapore is in an evolutionary phase, ushering in new legislation and legal frameworks. Navigating the existing law and upcoming changes requires a keen legal mind capable of handling challenges and opportunities. This is especially true when the M&A is hostile or in distress. A competent M&A attorney can make the difference between a quick transaction and one fraught with unnecessary headaches.

A reliable M&A lawyer will perform the requisite due diligence before drafting and implementing contractual terms. They will walk stakeholders through the entire process and advise them on the best course to take. They also handle all submissions and fillings, ensuring deadlines are met and avoiding late penalties. These are crucial steps as matters can get complex, especially if there are cross-border jurisdictions to consider.

In fact, the earlier you engage an M&A attorney, the better and smoother the process will go. Such lawyers can advise you on potential downsides from the very beginning and help draft a viable action plan. Considering M&A transactions without legal representation can subject an unsuspecting client to numerous legal quandaries, including unnecessary liabilities. An M&A attorney will expertly avoid the pitfalls, professionally assess risks, and steer the whole transaction to its best conclusion.

Perhaps the most convincing reason you may need an M&A attorney is to ensure your financing solutions are viable. There is a genuine risk of missing an opportunity or adopting a less feasible option. An attorney with experience and skill in M&A transactions will be able to provide the most appropriate financing plan. Whether it’s restructuring debts or buying shares, it helps to have a legal expert for proper implementation.

Top 10 Best Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers?

In your search to engage the best mergers and acquisitions lawyers in Singapore, it’s important to prioritise. Ideally, you’ll want an attorney with expertise and a proven track record. Your M&A lawyer of choice should be an excellent communicator. They should also excel at contracts and negotiations and have a good network of contacts.

As the M&A attorney will be handling private and confidential information, you will also need someone professional and trustworthy. Overall, you’re looking for one of our Top 10 list.

We stuck to our guiding principles and stringent due diligence procedures in compiling our list. That’s why you’ll find only the most excellent professionals here. These names represent legal practitioners at their best and brightest, working to uphold Singapore’s reputation as an international commercial hub.