Top 10 Best Negligence and Liability Lawyers in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Best Negligence and Liability Lawyers in Singapore

Most people are familiar with contractual or criminal breaches of the law, but what happens when the infringement is neither? The law of tort looks at civil wrongs or harm and aims to provide relief or redress for it. This area of law is extremely challenging, and the burden of proof is quite high. There is no room for inadequate legal representation, and only the best negligence and liability lawyers in Singapore will suffice.

Broadly, the law of tort includes negligence and strict liability for acts or omissions that result in harm or loss. This includes invasion of privacy, causing pain, suffering or nuisance, product liability, defamation, medical malpractice, etc. Tort law is a type of ‘restorative justice’ that seeks to right wrongful acts with compensation and other remedies. It arises from a civil duty, which is known as the duty of care.

Establishing a tort and quantifying the harm or loss can be quite tricky and requires a sharp legal team. Experience counts as much as expertise, legal knowledge, and sound judgement. Our Top 10 names meet these stringent criteria with flying colours and are undoubtedly the industry’s best.


What Are Negligence and Liability Lawyers?

The terms ‘negligence’ and ‘liability’ in law act as standards for the duty of care. The difference lies in how much control the tortfeasor, or guilty party, has over the loss or harm that occurs. In negligence, there is a legal breach of the duty of care, which is the fault of the tortfeasor. Liability, especially strict or absolute liability, occurs without regard to fault, only if there is damage or loss.

The standard test is that of the ‘reasonableness man’, an objective analysis to decide what contributes to negligence. Negligence and liability lawyers must establish this, showing that, in general, there was a duty of care or responsibility. They must also prove that there was a breach of this duty causing the harm or loss.

Most negligence and liability cases are personal injury claims where someone gets hurt or there is property damage. Attorneys will have to prove not only their case but also counter any defences that may arise. In some instances, the victim may also contribute to the negligence, and this can affect the final compensation or remedy. A professional negligence and liability lawyer will offer the following services:

  • Represent the victim in court
  • Prove negligence beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Provide expert testimonies, verify key evidence, etc.
  • Gather and submit relevant documentation
  • Ensure fillings, etc., within the statute of limitations


Why Do You Need Negligence and Liability Lawyers?

The best negligence and liability lawyers in Singapore are adept at all the requirements of the law of tort. They will be able to swiftly determine whether there is a viable case and professionally quantify the damages. Such claims also have stringent timelines under Singapore’s Limitations Act 1959. Getting crucial legal advice early on can make a massive difference in the success of a litigious case.

Reliable attorneys will be able to collect the appropriate type of proof to build a strong case. In Singapore, public policy also plays a crucial part in determining the standard of the duty of care. Proving negligence and liability is hard, and evidence needs to be concrete and admissible. A skilled attorney will factor in all these details in order to get the best outcome possible.

Without proper legal advice, fighting for your right to compensation and justice can be difficult. There are as many types of damages available as there are defences to counter a claim of negligence. Further, it is up to the victim to prove all the elements that constitute a tort. Missteps can be costly and time-consuming and will hurt your chance of success.

It’s also possible that your case might be unique and infringes into other legal arenas, such as criminal liability. A reputable lawyer will be able to seamlessly handle all the ‘curveballs’ that may crop up as the case progresses.

Top 10 Best Negligence and Liability Lawyers in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Best Negligence and Liability Lawyers?

Accidents, injuries, damages, and loss happen all the time, and the law provides for remedies in such instances. Compensation claims can be filed by or against people, companies, institutions, and even governments. However, liability and negligence cases tend to attract a lot of attention due to their viability for substantial compensation. In fact, the term ‘ambulance chasers’ is often associated with unscrupulous negligence lawyers out to make a quick buck.

Engaging the proper legal counsel and ensuring you have a fighting chance of success is essential. You’ll need the best negligence and liability lawyers in Singapore when a civil wrong occurs.

Our Top 10 list below names some of the top attorneys in this field. Whatever your legal needs are, these are Singapore’s best lawyers, chosen for their skill, expertise, and professionalism. They have a solid reputation for negligence and liability work and a track record to prove it. These attorneys will champion your right to compensation or defend you against a wrongful suit.