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Hope & Haim – Full-scale and Best in Class Transportation and Valet Services

Launched with a mission to provide excellent transport management and parking services to different venues like retail and entertainment complexes, hospitals, residential buildings, private residences, airports, hotels, medical centres, Hope & Haim Valet Services takes this service industry to the next level.

The company is dedicated to providing full-scale and best in class transportation and valet services to its clients. It offers a wide range of services to its clients under one roof. Hope & Haim’s areas of specialization include car valet services to businesses and private functions, chauffeur services, part time drivers, drive home services and car parking management services.

Addressing the Inefficiencies Prevailing in the Valet Market
Hope & Haim - Transportation Valet Services Hope & Haim Pte Ltd was founded in 2008 by Mr. B P Jackson. He is also the Managing Director of the company. Being passionate about cars and serving as a valet for eighteen years, Mr. Jackson started his own valet business venture under the name Hope & Haim Pte Ltd.

Unlike other companies in the industry, Mr. Jackson was focused on reviving the industry by addressing the inefficiencies prevailing in the valet market such as inefficiencies related to staff safety and general management. He founded Hope & Haim Valet Services to deliver best customer service and also correct these inefficiencies. Mr. Jackson knew that it wouldn’t be easy to change the system but his passion and determination to do so, helped him start out strong, and since then, he has never looked back.

Service Beyond Expectations
This is evident from the fact that Hope & Haim Pte Ltd started out small and now has established a strong foothold in the industry while growing massively in terms of profits and operations just after 2 years in the business. The company started its valet services in 2012. Since then, the company has expanded its operations greatly and now offers a wide range of services with a promise of ‘Service Beyond Expectations’.

Honoured with the Promising SME 500 2015 Business Luminary award, Hope & Haim Pte Ltd is giving a good run for the money to its competition. The company has established itself as one of the fastest growing and emerging companies in the industry. The success and recognition that Hope & Haim Pte Ltd enjoys today is truly impressive but this did not come easy.

The company faced numerous obstacles along the way and cited their high employee turnover as one of the biggest challenges. However, today, Hope & Haim’s biggest strength is their enthusiastic and dedicated team.

Transforming Biggest Challenge into Biggest Strength
Hope & Haim - Transportation Valet Services Mr. Jackson has worked unceasingly hard to transform their biggest challenge into their biggest strength and winning edge. To overcome the challenge of high employee turnover, he made sure that he provided the best, safe and happy working environment to his staff, along with valuable compensation benefits. This is evident through the fact that the hallmark of the company is its safe environment. The company is certified with bizSAFE 3 and 4. It operates on self designed set of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and SWP (Safe Work Procedures). The company carries out frequent inspections to sustain and ensure their safety standards.

Exclusive Insurance for Valet
Hope & Haim Pte Ltd has  grown rapidly, establishing a strong market reputation based on its superior services, professionalism, customer and employee focused approach. The company values its employees as much as it values  its customers. This is a strong factor that has truly contributed to drive Hope & Haim Pte Ltd to greater heights.

Today, Hope & Haim Valet Services serves clients across industries providing the best staff who also act as ambassadors of their clients. Besides this, the company is insured with Public Liability Insurance. This is an exclusive insurance for valets. It provides an extensive insurance coverage and helps their clients enjoy the absolute peace of mind while using Hope & Haim Valet Services. As mentioned above, they equally value their hard working staff, so the company offers Workmen Compensation to its valets ensuring that their staff is covered in case of injury or medical emergency.

This provides a safety net to its staff by offering them wage loss benefits in case they get injured at work.

All these have helped Hope & Haim Valet Services set new safety standards in the industry and more importantly, retain its staff. Mr. Jackson attributes the success of his company Hope & Haim Pte Ltd to his dedicated and passionate staff.

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