Best Home-grown Global Accounting Network

3E Accounting Recognised as Best Home-grown Global Accounting Network

Founded by Lawrence Chai in 2011, 3E Accounting is an accounting firm that has put its growth on the fast-track ever since its establishment. Mr. Chai’s rich experiences in audit and accounting area have been the major pillar that making the accounting firm to grow and expand internationally. Started everything from scratch in 2016, the husband-wife couple managed to build up the business and to make it the first Singapore’s home-grown global accounting international network, spanning over 34 countries in 13 months.

Best Home-grown Global Accounting NetworkLawrence is a farsighted accountant that could foresee opportunities of networking. To him, networking is the art of building alliances that could share resource, develop cooperative strategies as well as achieve goals together. As such, he spearheaded the establishment of 3E Accounting International Network. The international network has covered countries in ASEAN as well as countries from 6 continents in the world, including China, Hong Kong, Australia, Latin America, UK, Germany, Ireland, and much more. The success of the international network has earned them the Best Home-grown Global Accounting Network award from the Singapore Brands.

In fact, the award, the Best Home-grown Global Accounting Network, portrays not only their success, but their achievement as the first and the largest Singapore-based global accounting network.

The international network has increased revenue as a result of being able to offer member companies a fuller and a complete solution to reach out and expand its business profile internationally. 3E Accounting International Network understands that it can often be difficult to stand out in a crowded market especially the competitive global markets. However, working in a network is like greasing the wheels to move on as it gives a boost in credibility and the international brand presence.

Furthermore, they are the international network that emphasise referral marketing strategy which is both time and cost-effective. However, 3E Accounting doesn’t simply accept new member based on the membership fees or just to expand their network, but based on their reputation and credibility. To them, it’s crucial that their networks of referral sources are carefully selected.

They manage to maintain the quality of networking as they recognize the best market player in each country and the exclusiveness ensures the best service in the long run. Member companies need to be organisations that network and have strong relationships with key people and businesses. Many member companies were surprised by the referral network that they could get easily through 3E Accounting International Network (Some of them have some unpleasant experiences with other accounting network for example there are networking that are too auditing-focus)

Imagine the cost and time a small firm would need to invest in order to establish a global service network, for instance? It might take years. But your firm could be expanding globally tomorrow via the strategic networking with 3E Accounting International Network, which is the Best Home-grown Global Accounting Network.