Autism STEP - Working Passionately Towards Empowering Children with Autism

Autism STEP – Working Passionately Towards Empowering Children with Autism

Characterised by delay in speech, impairment in developmental language and lack of social interaction in combination with repetitive behaviour, Autism is a neuro behavioural disorder that affects 1 in 68 children. This neuro developmental disorder may lower the child’s quality of life, as their inability to communicate and act like normal children may stop them from enjoying it to the fullest. But the good news is that Autism can be treated.

Though many organizations in Singapore are working towards helping children with Autism enjoy quality living, one of the organization that truly has played a pivotal role in this mission is Autism STEP. The company has achieved tremendous improvements in terms of caring for children with Autism, contributing significantly towards helping parents and children with Autism assimilate well into society.

Experienced and Well-trained Therapists
Autism STEP founderFounded with a mission to transform the lives of children with Autism that are under their care through quality living and making them self sufficient, Autism STEP is a venture headed by Mr. Zhang Liyuan. He is the founder and clinical director at Autism STEP.

Mr. Zhang began to develop his interest in early intervention when he was exposed to the theories related to the parental influence in children’s early development. At that time, he was majoring in the field of psychology and so, he decided to specialise in early intervention. He is passionate in providing the best learning opportunities to support children with Autism, and dedicate his life to this cause when he was given the opportunity to work with such children as an undergraduate.

He has been working day-in and day-out with sheer commitment to empower children with Autism for more than 10 years now, with his team of experienced and well-trained therapists. Taking one STEP at a time, the organization has come a long way, helping special children develop good social and communication skills with enhanced language proficiencies.

Their hard work and efforts have been recognised both by parents and contemporaries alike, and they have earned numerous awards like “The Best in Early Intervention Programme for Children with Autism” and “Singapore Successful Brand”.

Earning Trust and Respect of Clients
Working strongly and passionately towards their mission, Autism STEP has become the top choice of parents who wish to see a positive change in their children with Autism. The success that the organisation enjoys today consists of 10 years of hard work to come this far.

Starting out initially as a one man army, Mr. Zhang had to overcome several obstacles and challenges before he could earn the trust and respect of clients and establish Autism STEP as a well-reputed industry brand.

Autism STEPHe recognises that working with special children is a stressful job but what keeps him going and motivated is the moment when he sees children with Autism learning to socialise and communicate effectively.

Two of the biggest challenges that Mr. Zhang had to struggled through and overcome were, building the company’s credibility and a team of passionate and well trained therapists.

Delivering Quality Services in a Caring and Friendly Environment
He knew that with so much competition in the industry, it would not be easy to gain a strong market foothold. Besides this, since Autism STEP was dealing with children, he knew that parents initially would be hesitant to work with an early intervention centre typically because it’s not easy to trust someone where your kids are involved. However, by delivering quality support services and providing personalised programs for children development that offered noteworthy results, Autism STEP quickly earn a stellar market reputation. The organisation was recognised by both former as well as existing clients for delivering quality services in a caring and friendly environment. They promoted Autism STEP through good word of mouth which not only improved company referrals but also helped people gain trust in their services and programs.

Knowing that Mr. Zhang would need more people onboard to accomplish his mission, he teamed up with likeminded and skilled therapists. In just 2 years, he grew from a one man company to a force of 20 passionate people working relentlessly to transform lives of children with Autism.

Mr. Zhang, alongside his team, continues to work for the well-being of children with special needs and has become a source of inspiration for many who are now following his footsteps.

Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard
#29-01 Suntec Tower 2
Singapore 038989
Contact: +65 6456 9950