How To Start a Home Based Business In Singapore

Properly Know How to Start a Home Based Business in Singapore

If you want to earn an extra income in Singapore, a home based business could be the right way to go. As a city-state focusing a lot on the development of commerce, it has been made very convenient for people to start a home based business in Singapore. So, a home business could be a perfect way for you to make a decent income by selling your skills. But before doing that, there are some rules that you need to know about.



No Disturbance

Your home based business can’t disturb your neighbors or cause of any sort of pollution.

No Signboard/ Advertising

Business promotion, such as fliers or TV ads are prohibited.

No Storing OR Shipping Large Quantity

As a home-based business, you can’t be packing or unpacking things from a truck and not have any warehouse.

No Heavy Materials/Tools

Heavy machinery, if not for household purposes can’t be used in your home based business.

Nothing Illegal

Illegal things are not allowed, but some other services such as massage parlors, clinics are not allowed to be opened as home based.

No Hiring

You can’t be hiring people in your home business in Singapore. So, it can only be you or your family members working in the business.

Depending on the type of your home based business, you might have to register your business in Singapore. This isn’t a hard thing to do, and you can easily do it online. You can find the step by step information to register your business in this link.
How To Start a Home Based Business In Singapore


Home-based Business Licenses in Singapore

Here is what you need to know about getting licenses for a home based business in Singapore. There are two home business schemes in the city-state. They are the Home-Based Small Scale Business Scheme and the Home Office Scheme.


Home-based Small Scale Business Scheme

The first one, i.e., Home-Based Small Scale Business Scheme generally refers to any home based business. If you fulfill the above conditions, you can open your business without having to ask for any permission with the HDB. Anyway, depending on the type of your business, you will have to comply with the rules set by authorities like food hygiene, fire safety, etc.

Here are some services you can provide under this scheme.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Private Tutoring (No More than three students at a time)
  • Baking
  • Elderly Service
  • Hairdressing
  • Tailoring
  • Freelance Worker


Home Office Scheme

On the other hand, The Home Office Scheme is for those who want to use their home as a workplace to conduct the administrative task of a registered business in the city-state. Services such as design, advertising, insurance, and financial planning fall under this category. For this, the individual needs to be at least 18 years old and needs to apply with LicenseOne to get a license. You will need your SIngPass ID and pay a fee of $20 through your credit card for the service. Also, keep on mind that hiring staffs are allowed in this case, but there can’t be more than to non-residents working as helpers.

Well, this was how you could start a home based business in Singapore. I hope this article will help you.