Measures on How to Start Up a Small Cleaning Business in Singapore

Steps and Requirements to Acquire a Small Cleaning Business in Singapore

To start a cleaning business in Singapore is not a tough task to do. If you want to do it for part time or full time, you have to gain knowledge about the steps which should be taken in order to run a successful business. Professional training is needed for this business along with a sharp mind and basic cleaning skills.

To open a cleaning business in Singapore you need to register your company with ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority). To get approved by ACRA chose a name that is unique and different and represents the business as a good cleaning business. Try to get a name which is attractive for the customers, as the name will go on with the business forever.


Mandatory Steps

  • Be very clear about the services that will be provided to the customers.
  • Get knowledge from the already working cleaning companies.
  • Read online about the cleaning companies in Singapore.
  • Make a business plan for your cleaning company.
  • Apply for a license from NEA (National Environment Agency) from Singapore.
  • Apply for insurance of possessions, as it is a guarantee to save the business if the unfortunate mishaps occur.
  • Set the target that how much cleaning equipment should be bought.
  • Hire people who at least have six months prior experience in the same field.
  • Make an intelligent marketing plan, which should reach people by online advertisement, Facebook, advertisement in the newspaper and creating a website. Creative marketing will spread the good word of mouth for the business, which would be helpful in the successful implementation of the business.


Licensing Demands

  • Companies’ weather on joint partnership or sole property should register with ACRA.
  • The new cleaning company in Singapore must have a person who should have attended training sessions of EC( environmental cleaning). It must also have at least 2 years of hand on experience in cleaning work.
  • Make new cleaners attend the workshops under the supervision of EC, to be qualified for cleaning methods.
  • The new cleaning company in Singapore has to submit the wage plan according to the requirements of NEA.

Measures on How to Start Up a Small Cleaning Business in Singapore



In Singapore, the small startup business is easy to start as compared to other parts of the world. Even getting the license is not that difficult task to do. But the toughest criteria for the new company are to follow all the rules and prove it to be worthy enough. A professional incorporation firm is there to assist you in every step from start of the company till the implementation. So, if you are planning to open a cleaning company in Singapore, do not hesitate and enjoy the authority of being your own boss. You could do this by getting help at every step from the government.