Boufe Boutique Cafe

Boufe Boutique Cafe – Providing Customers with High Quality Food Choices as well as Fashion-forward Apparels

Boufe Boutique Cafe is the brainchild of Erik Wang, Sean Lee and Dennis Lim.

Dennis and Sean have been close friends since Secondary School, and they met Erik through an overseas trip to Bintan through a mutual friend.

Their Individual Stories
Erik – A resourceful and matured opportunist, Erik is the director of his own company.

Sean – Keen eye for fashion and has a natural flair for style.

Dennis – Passion and dedication for culinary arts. Years of experience in the F&B industry, and has previously worked with many renowned F&B restaurants and cafes.

How Boufe Came to Be…
With Erik’s foresight of the booming cafe industry, he suggested to Dennis and Sean about opening their own cafe.

Dennis’ years of experience in this field definitely contributed a lot of insight on the design of the cafe, the systems to be put in place, the style of dishes, the training and skills required of the staff etc.

In order to make Boufe stand out from numerous other cafes sprouting up all across the country, they needed to search for an edge over the others.

That’s when Sean’s idea of combining both Food and Fashion together came about.

The word Boufe is a conglomeration of the words “Boutique” and “Cafe”, thus housing both a fashion boutique, OHVOLA, as well as the cafe aspect both under the same roof.

When was Boufe Opened?
Boufe Menu - FoodBoufe Boutique Cafe officially opened in February 2015.

In the beginning, everything was all over the place, and Boufe had to work with just a handful of full-timers.

They had a rocky start on their operations side.

And still, Boufe received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement from friends, media and customers alike.

Of course, they’ve grown a lot stronger and made a lot of improvements since then!

Why Phoenix Park?
After sourcing for various possible locations, there was a unanimous agreement when the three bosses set eyes on the current venue of Boufe. This was due to the huge potential they saw in harnessing the unique colonial facade of Phoenix Park, the lush greenery that surrounded the alfresco area, as well as its close proximity to Orchard Road.

What is Boufe’s Concept?
Even after almost a year since its opening, the focus of Boufe Boutique Cafe still holds true to its beginnings – providing customers with high quality food choices as well as fashion-forward apparels.

Boufe Menu - BeveragesBoufe’s minimalistic design indoors is also centered around this theme – Sleek, clean and chic.

This has also proven to be widely popular amongst fashion enthusiasts, social media influencers and celebrities alike for their outfit of the day shots, photoshoots, corporate events, birthday parties and even solemnization events.

The target group of Boufe Boutique Cafe would mainly be coffee-lovers, cafe hoppers, fashion enthusiasts.. basically anyone who can love and appreciate the good things in life.

What are Boufe’s Future Plans?

Boufe may consider going into mass productions of their in-house baked breads, having a small coffee house, opening a second branch etc. Keep your eyes peeled because they are dreaming big!

B.O.U. Store
Boufe started off with OHVOLA, an established ladies apparel label online, with the aim to fuse both our love of fashion and food together.

9 months after our official launch, OHVOLA was offered a larger boutique space at POMO and has since then moved out of Boufe.

That’s When a New Dream Started.
The now vacant boutique space can serve as an avenue for other brands, just like OHVOLA, to have their own physical space to showcase their products, and to grow their brand awareness among the public.

Just like dancers, good products also require a stage before they can perform for the world to see.

And that’s what store “Bou” aims to be. A stage, a voice, and a dream-maker.

Store “Bou” has a strong liking for homegrown brands because they believe in supporting local talents, exquisitely handmade items, and other unique products that spark their interest.

Boufe hope to be a voice for these brands that they’ve sourced and loved, and promote them via social media platforms, promotions and other collaborations with the cafe.

This is something they’re really excited about, and hope that Boufe’s customers will look forward to them too.

Boufé Boutique Café
Address: 308 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park, #01-01
Singapore 247974
Contact: +65 6734 7656