Nurture Pods Early Intervention Centre

Nurture Pods – The First ISO 9001 Certified Singapore Early Intervention Centre for Children with Special Needs

Nestled in Novena Specialist Centre, Nurture Pods is the first ISO 9001 certified early intervention centre in Singapore. Led by a team of qualified professionals and highly-skilled therapists, Nurture Pods is committed to help children (between ages 3 and 12) overcome their developmental disabilities and their learning and communication impairments. It focuses on treating a wide range of disorders including but not limited to Global Developmental Delay, Autism and issues related to clinical behaviour. Nurture Pods believes that every child has a fundamental right to education, and must be given the opportunity to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of learning.

Helping Children to Overcome Learning Disabilities
The centre does this by providing individualised intervention programs tailor-made according to every child’s specific needs. Their team of skilled and passionate therapists uses a large variety of techniques such as dynamic intelligence, video modelling, sharing-functional communication, creative thinking and problem solving techniques to form a focused and result-driven intervention program. These programs are devised to address specific issues and core deficits of children. Nurture Pods strives relentlessly, working hand in hand with families to help their children live a good life, independently.

Over the years, the team of Nurture Pods has truly helped children overcome their learning and development disabilities. The centre offers treatments in different types of settings such as centre based intervention, school shadow-support and home based therapy.

The centre has established its strong market reputation based on its key values which serve as their pillars of strength and guiding principles. Their core values are at the heart of everything that they do. These include strong communication, compassion for children with disabilities, constant upgrading, punctuality, and commitment towards clients.

High Quality Treatments and Intervention Services
Launched in 2011, co-founded by Mr. Alex Liau Whatt Meng and Mr. Soh Yong Hao, Nurture Pods Pte Ltd is a trusted, leading and rapidly-growing early intervention centre based in Singapore, helping young children with disabilities live a good quality of life.

Nurture Pods Early Intervention CentreMr. Liau in partnership with his university friend, Mr. Soh, both an expert in Psychology, wanted to create a centre where children have easy and quick access to high quality treatments and intervention services. They wanted to provide children with the best care and services so that they could transition smoothly from special schools to proper and mainstream schools.

Mr. Liau is a certified professional from the Training Institute of Geneva Autism Centre, Canada. His Psychology degree from National University of Singapore has also helped him understand and gain deep knowledge about ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysts) therapy. He further acquired certification in RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) from Houston.

This helped him combine both therapies for creating effective and result-driven intervention programs for children with disabilities. He has been personally mentored by the leading psychologist Dr. Baker and Carol Gray (who is the creator of the teaching tool Social Stories designed for children with Autism). Besides this, he is also the 1st Singaporean who has the privilege of being the part of the SCERTS program.

Mr. Soh, on the other hand, holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore. During his course of study, he engages in extensive literature reviews and research work in the field of psychology. He went for intensive TEACCH (Structured teaching) training and TEACCH advanced topics seminar held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) where he had the opportunity to work with the children in the program using TEACCH principles. The course has helped him to further develop his skills as TEACCH practitioner in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

In addition, Mr. Soh went for advanced level Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) training and is currently the first and only Singaporean to be certified in implementing the PECS program.

Creating a Personalized and Holistic Intervention Program for Every Child
Nurture Pods Early Intervention CentreOperating for almost 5 years now, Nurture Pods has become the go-to early intervention centre in Singapore for parents. Being the industry pioneers, starting out with a venture like this was challenging but the dynamic duo (Mr. Liau and Mr. Soh) surely worked smartly and passionately to bring their vision to life and deliver the quality of intervention services that they had imagined.

The success of the company can be attributed to their service integrity, passion and more importantly, their customer and employee focused approach. The company values its employees and believes that their employees are their strength and driving force. To deliver the best intervention services to children, Nurture Pods has on board industry leading para-professionals like occupational therapists, psychiatrists, speech therapists and paediatricians. This allows Nurture Pods to create a personalized and holistic intervention program for every child separately for targeted treatment. It has helped Nurture Pods create programs for children that deliver the best outcomes.

Being an ISO 9001 certified company, Nurture Pods ensure that the company follows the best practices in terms of staffing quality control. With this, Nurture Pods earn the trust and respect of the parents as they can rest assured that their children are in safe hands. In addition, Nurture Pods is certified by bizSafe. This ensures that they provide a safe workplace for employees to work in and has met the highest standards of safety regulation in terms of working with children with special needs.

Nurture Pods Pte Ltd
Address: Novena Specialist Center (Please call to schedule visit)
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-15
Singapore 307470
Contact: +65 6352 5938