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The Future of Smart Technologies Lies in V3

Have you ever come across those unmanned mechanised cleaners at your malls? Or in your office buildings perhaps? They can be pretty hard to miss. It’s not often you see a robotic cleaner going around helping to keep the place tidy. Who is behind these ingenious inventions? V3 Smart Technologies.

Cleaning with a Difference
Robotic CleanerDesigned, patented and retrofitted by the local home-grown company, V3 Smart Technologies came up with the robotic cleaner while collaborating with Karcher, its German cleaning machine manufacturer.

The impressive project was first launched commercially late last year as part of the Infocomm Development Authority’s Enhanced iSprint programme. This project was part of a programme supporting the local SMEs’ use of technology in the hopes of boosting both growth and productivity.

V3 Smart Technologies has certainly come a long way since its flagship product, the Fleet Management System (FMS) was first designed.

When V3 Was Born
Formerly known as V3 Teletech, V3 Smart Technologies is poised to become a household name in no time. It started off as a small company founded in 2002 by Wong Shih Jon, along with a group of individuals who were from the fields of IT, logistics and engineering. Together, they shared one dream, a dream of pursuing every opportunity that they could within the geospatial wireless space.

Since its inception, V3 Smart Technologies has subsequently become associated with Gemalto, a digital security company in 2005. V3 has since then, grown to provide solutions that go way beyond simply tracking and tracing that it did for FMS.

Surging Forward Towards the Future
Technology is a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing at the drop of a hat. Just like that, new technologies are rolled in to replace the old ones, and there is constantly pressure on technology-based companies to be able to adapt, innovate and keep up with those changes.

V3 Smart TechnologiesV3 Smart Technologies has done an excellent job of staying ahead of the industry trends and staying on top of things, which is why they are poised in primed position to go far and will soon become a well-known household name.

Since V3 Smart Technologies has come into being, it was being awarded with numerous accolades in recognition of all the accomplishments the company has accumulated. V3 was awarded the GSMA APAC Top Innovator by the GSM association in 2009, a Silver award at the 2016 Asean ICT Awards, and it was also a finalist for Best Telematics Service at Telematics Update Detroit in 2013.

And then there was that time when V3 was awarded the Enterprise 50 Award, an award which recognises the 50 most enterprising, privately-owned local companies in Singapore. According to the recent APAC CIO Outlook report by a leading IT magazine in the Asia-Pacific region, V3 was listed as one of the most promising fleet management solution providers of 2017.

V3 Smart Technologies is committed to remaining relevant, and they are able to provide valuable solutions to their customers because of their ability to adapt and innovate. Being able to focus on developing cutting-edge technological solutions is exactly what is going to continue to propel V3 Smart Technologies forward into the future.

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