Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

Here Are the Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

A fire can happen to anyone, and there are thousands of companies that are affected by it each year which leads to injury, damage, and lost customers. When you establish fire prevention and preparedness in your company, you can prevent a fire and no one gets injured. You have come to the right place to find the top 10 best fire protection solutions providers in Singapore.

Building constructions follow the building code which takes effect when you apply for a building permit. Inspectors check the building’s compliance while it is being constructed, and the permit is issued after being reviewed by authorities.

After the building has finished construction, a building must be maintained based on the regulations and fire codes. These codes are enforced by the fire prevention officers from the fire department.

If you are planning to have a building constructed, you will need fire protection solutions, and you can only choose from the best ones.


Why Do You Need Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore?

Planning is what helps prevent fires from starting, and a fire prevention plan is needed for that. The plan needs a strong foundation that can be found by all potential fire hazards must be found and documented.

Fire Protection Systems

A facility’s fire protection depends on the system components in order to detect and prevent fires to mitigate the consequences that may occur. The licensed and credible providers of life safety install the right devices to make sure the building is in the best position to fight fire in case it breaks out.

Complete fire protection systems include:

  • Fire suppression sprinkler systems
  • Special hazards fire suppression systems
  • Detection system for fire alarm
  • Mass notification
  • Fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, and backflows
  • Monitoring of fire alarm
  • Integrated security, video surveillance systems, and access control for the right actions from every system

Risks Are Identified

If you prepare in advance, a fire prevention plan makes it easy to identify the risks in the workplace.

Gasoline and matches are the most common fire risks, but there are others aside from objects. The truth is people are as much of a fire risk as being vulnerable in case of a fire.

Less Accountable for Less Obvious Fire Hazards

If you think about the flammable and combustible materials, they must be part of the fire prevention plan too. You must consider the equipment and products being used for fire protection operations, and also the byproducts and materials that are not directly used. For instance, a lot of dust which includes plastic, wood, and some metals are combustible in enclosed environments.

Therefore, if your business operations produce a lot of dust, you must make sure your plan has procedures to make sure they do not combust. Wooden pallets, cardboard, and paper are combustible materials that accumulate and create a fire hazard. They must be part of the fire prevention plan too.

Emergency Response is Strong

By planning early, your team will then be better equipped for emergency response.

For instance, if there is a fire escape plan in your building, you will know how everyone can evacuate the building in case of a fire. Everyone will know how to look after each other’s safety, and they will know where to find emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers or first aid kits.

A plan for fire prevention can also give you the chance to prepare your workplace in case of an emergency. For example, an emergency alert system must be in place so that everyone knows where to exit.

Fire protection and prevention go hand in hand, which is why they both must be set in place.


List of the Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

1. Leeden Fire Safety

They are one of the top fire safety providers in Singapore and Malaysia. They supply, manufacture and are a specialist contractor of dependable fire protection and smoke control systems. Further, this company first opened in 1971 and it is one of the largest integrated fire protection solutions providers in Singapore.

Their services include fire protection systems, fire suppression systems, smoke control systems, engineered smoke control systems, fire alarms systems, fire protection systems maintenance and installations, and design.

Leeden also offers fire suppression systems that have clean gas, and fire suppression systems from carbon dioxide to prevent fire.


2. Minimax

Minimax has been providing fire protection solutions for over 110 years. Their first headquarters was in Bad Oldesloe, Germany with a couple of research, development, and manufacturing plants. Regardless if it is for power plants, automotive plants, logistics centres, data centres, office buildings, or on ships, Minimax gives tailored solutions wherever a fire threat is present.

They provide sprinkler systems, fire prevention systems, gas-based suppression systems, fire detection and control technology. Further, their company can access a range of tested and certified components and systems that they have developed and produced.

Minimax performs regular maintenance and inspection for a fire protection system.


3. Deluge Fire Protection

Deluge Fire Protection is an independent and privately-owned company that has been operating since 1983. It is the only privately owned fire protection specialist contractor that has a Building and Construction Authority registration, pre-qualified to work on government projects with no financial limit.

Deluge is one of the biggest and competent fire protection solutions in Singapore. They have over 30 years of experience, and you can find them in a lot of famous buildings in Singapore. Moreover, their good performance and punctuality are the most notable qualities of this company.


4. Hawk Fire and Gas Solutions Singapore

Combating fire with substandard protection puts you at risk. Hawk strives to provide the best products and services to provide fire protection at good prices.

The company specializes in Supply, Design, Testing, Installation, Maintenance, and Commissioning of important and certified suppressions systems for fire protection. Their products include Fire Detection, Alarm Systems, Spare Parts, and Suppression Systems.

Whatever the nature of your business is, the technicians of Hawk are ready to make sure that your building premises are safe and in full compliance with the legal requirements.

Hawk is a market leader in fire protection, and they have their operational headquarters in Singapore with offices in India and Malaysia.


5. KIMTY Fire Protection

Making sure that your building is equipped with excellent quality protection and fire suppression equipment is the responsible thing to do. It is also a legal obligation. Kimty has years of experience, providing servicing and installation of fire extinguishers, and maintenance programs for lighting, hydrant systems, and alarm.

For them to meet the different demands of customers and keep people safe in different situations, they have an extensive product range including halotron, CO2, and ABC dry powder fire extinguishers. Their collection of fire extinguishers was chosen so that customers have a lot of choices, cumulatively while providing an effective suppression of Fire belonging to classes A, B, C, and K.



BEST has been a Passive Fire Protection supplier for 30 years already. They have been distributing fire protection systems and accessories using their chosen business suppliers from the USA and Europe. This company has expanded its services to its level of branding and manufacturing goods in Singapore.

With this service and commitment, this company has achieved a high level of manufacturing and branding their goods in Singapore.

BEST supplies products and services to the Oil, Gas, Marine, FPSO, Floating Production Storage, Petrochemical, Refineries, and Building Structure.


7. Firetronics Pte Ltd

This company offers an integrated fire protection solution for the government and private sectors that has systems such as NN100 Suppression Marine, Addressable, Marine Fire Protection System, Conventional Fire Alarm System, Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System. The solution easily connects between devices. There are a lot of products like fire extinguishers, fire detectors, fire alarm bells and equipment that are important to the fire protection system. The specialists make a thorough inspection to make sure the linkage between hardware and software are 100%.

Using their professional services from risks and needs analysis to installation, systems, design, training, and maintenance, Firetronics offers a one-stop solution to provide you with fire protection.


8. Fire Safety Singapore

Fire Safety Singapore is a company that is professional and fully licensed for providing fire safety protection products and services. The company brings together trained and licensed engineers in safety and protection, as well as managers with years of industry experience. In addition, they also heavily invested in fire safety protection solutions that let them deliver quality, efficient, and reliable workmanship in each project.

Starting this company was influenced by the increased risk of fires in Singapore. The goal of Fire Safety Singapore is to give on-demand and comprehensive safety protection solutions.


9. Singapore Fire Protection Pte Ltd

Singapore Fire Protection Pte Ltd offers fire protection services that commercial and residential customers can use. They specialize in supplying, installing, and maintaining fire protection. Their protection experts give you advice and guidance to make sure that you comply with the requirements of local fire safety.

Further, their services include fire extinguisher check, fire hose reel testing & servicing, FSSD submission, and fire safety provisions.

When there is a fire, your first defence is a fire extinguisher. More than 90% of fires are controllable or stopped with a fire extinguisher. After they complete the fire extinguisher check, that is the only time when they will move to do the other services.


10. Multron

Multron has been operating for over 30 years, and it is a major fire protection systems provider of fire protection systems and equipment in Singapore. They are experts in designing, installing, supplying, and providing service quality fire protection, as well as safety systems.

They can accept sizable projects like high profile management linked ones. These include The Synergy, Revenue House, Tuas and Woodlands Immigration, and more.

Multron is also accomplished in doing major commercial projects like Capital Tower, Novena Square, and Plaza Singapura.

Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore


Fire Safety Tips

  • Implement a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan – Emergency response becomes easier when people know their respective responsibilities. You must establish a plan for fire evacuation emergencies that shows the right way to respond, when to respond, and identifies an egress. If employees have special requests or need special attention, these details must be addressed in the plan.
  • Fire Exits and Fire Doors Installation – A fire-safe building always has the right number of functional fire exits. In case there is fire, it is better to escape quickly and prevent the fire from spreading. Minimizing the damage to the building is always much better. This is possible by separating escape routes properly, and the common areas. It is believable that only wooden doors and walls are good for this, but fire rated glass gives the exact same protection.
  • Maintain the Emergency and Exit Lights – To make sure that the egress and exit paths are always well lit, routine maintenance must be implemented to inspect burnt out or broken bulbs. Aside from that, always test the emergency power and exit lights to make sure they are working.
  • Report Electric Faults – Electrical faults in workplaces are one of the most common causes of fire, so everyone must look out for any electrical faults, which draws their attention. In case there are damaged electrical cords, they must be replaced right away.
  • Free Up Clutter – Make sure that flammable materials like paper trash and waste are not all over the workplace. Cleaning them right away prevents clutter and fire hazards.

These are the top 10 best fire protection solutions in Singapore. You can contact any of them if you need their services and they will surely provide the best service.