Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide To Choosing the Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

Fires can occur unexpectedly without warning and cause extensive damage to your property within minutes. They have the potential to cause a lot of structural damage to your building and ruin your costly equipment. Only a professional fire solution company can provide quality fire protection to safeguard your business from fires.

Fires pose a serious risk to people, causing skin damage, nerve burn or, in worst cases, even losing their lives. Such damage can result in financial losses and also can be a huge setback for your life overall. It is, therefore, imperative to prepare well and prevent such fires from happening by entrusting the safety of your business to a reputed Fire Protection Solutions Provider.

If you are looking for suitable Fire Solution Providers in Singapore for your business, read on to find the right firm through the listing we provide here.


What Are Fire Protection Solutions Providers

We never know when a building can catch fire – sometimes it could be because of a fault in the premise, electric short circuit, gas leakage and many other reasons. Since this is an unexpected event, setting up a fire safety alarm, water sprinkles, and fire extinguishers can play a vital role in saving lives. Fire protection or safety providers provide these types of equipment.

Not having a fire protection plan in place can lead to consequences like irreversible damage to humans and property. Such fires can leave your business with heavy financial losses from which you may never recover.

By proactively hiring reputed fire protection solutions providers in Singapore, you can make your business premises totally safe for yourself and your employees. Such a decision will enable you to focus on your business operations with peace of mind.


Why Do You Need Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore?

If you want to ensure maximum safety for your business premises and employees and prevent them from destructive fires, you need the services of an experienced Fire Protection Solutions Provider. Such a firm will prepare and implement a fool-proof fire protection plan that will decrease the possibility of fire and reduce the extent of the damage if a fire occurs unexpectedly.

1. A Tailor-made Plan Based on Your Risks:

They will look into your specific needs, understand the local laws and fire codes, know your risks, and provide a customized Fire Protection System. Their team will inspect your property to understand how large it is, the number of floors you have, and your building layout. They will check your premises to know if you have sensitive electronic equipment, hazardous chemicals, or any valuable antiques that need special protection.

2. Installation, Training, and Maintenance:

Your Fire Protection Provider will install equipment and systems to protect your business and train your employees to use them for emergencies. They will inspect, repair, and maintain the equipment frequently to ensure maximum performance.

3. You Can Focus on Your Business:

By entrusting your residence and business’s safety to a trustworthy Fire Protection Service, you need not worry about fires and the damage they can cause. You can concentrate on other business aspects in a stress-free environment.

Fire Protection Systems

A facility’s fire protection depends on the system components in order to detect and prevent fires to mitigate the consequences that may occur. The licensed and credible providers of life safety install the right devices to make sure the building is in the best position to fight fire in case it breaks out.

Complete fire protection systems include:

  • Fire suppression sprinkler systems
  • Special hazards fire suppression systems
  • Detection system for fire alarm
  • Mass notification
  • Fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, and backflows
  • Monitoring of fire alarm
  • Integrated security, video surveillance systems, and access control for the right actions from every system

Risks Are Identified

If you prepare in advance, a fire prevention plan makes it easy to identify the risks in the workplace.

Gasoline and matches are the most common fire risks, but there are others aside from objects. The truth is people are as much of a fire risk as being vulnerable in case of a fire.

Less Accountable for Less Obvious Fire Hazards

If you think about the flammable and combustible materials, they must be part of the fire prevention plan too. You must consider the equipment and products being used for fire protection operations, and also the byproducts and materials that are not directly used. For instance, a lot of dust which includes plastic, wood, and some metals are combustible in enclosed environments.

Therefore, if your business operations produce a lot of dust, you must make sure your plan has procedures to make sure they do not combust. Wooden pallets, cardboard, and paper are combustible materials that accumulate and create a fire hazard. They must be part of the fire prevention plan too.

Emergency Response is Strong

By planning early, your team will then be better equipped for emergency response.

For instance, if there is a fire escape plan in your building, you will know how everyone can evacuate the building in case of a fire. Everyone will know how to look after each other’s safety, and they will know where to find emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers or first aid kits.

A plan for fire prevention can also give you the chance to prepare your workplace in case of an emergency. For example, an emergency alert system must be in place so that everyone knows where to exit.

Fire protection and prevention go hand in hand, which is why they both must be set in place.


Fire Safety Tips

  • Implement a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan – Emergency response becomes easier when people know their respective responsibilities. You must establish a plan for fire evacuation emergencies that shows the right way to respond, when to respond, and identifies an egress. If employees have special requests or need special attention, these details must be addressed in the plan.
  • Fire Exits and Fire Doors Installation – A fire-safe building always has the right number of functional fire exits. In case there is fire, it is better to escape quickly and prevent the fire from spreading. Minimizing the damage to the building is always much better. This is possible by separating escape routes properly, and the common areas. It is believable that only wooden doors and walls are good for this, but fire rated glass gives the exact same protection.
  • Maintain the Emergency and Exit Lights – To make sure that the egress and exit paths are always well lit, routine maintenance must be implemented to inspect burnt out or broken bulbs. Aside from that, always test the emergency power and exit lights to make sure they are working.
  • Report Electric Faults – Electrical faults in workplaces are one of the most common causes of fire, so everyone must look out for any electrical faults, which draws their attention. In case there are damaged electrical cords, they must be replaced right away.
  • Free Up Clutter – Make sure that flammable materials like paper trash and waste are not all over the workplace. Cleaning them right away prevents clutter and fire hazards.


Here are the Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

Falcon Fire

Falcon System Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
FALCON is the market leader in Residential & Commercial Fire Protection Solutions. We manufactured our very own fire alarm control panels, fire hoses, fire extinguishers and provide fire protection services. We adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. It is in FALCON’s mission to protect life, property and the environment through prevention, education, preparedness, and fire emergency response.

Falcon Fire Extinguisher
Falcon Fire Safety Kit
Falcon Fire Safety Kit Set
Price Range: $35 – $138
Company Name: Falcon Fire – Falcon System Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Address: 14 Woodlands Walk Singapore 738394
Phone Number: +65 6757 4350
Email Address:
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 5:30pm
Key Service(s): Fire protection products for residential and commercial. Servicing, Installation & Manufacturing of Fire and Security Equipment

Highlights About the Company

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Locally approved – Adhere to highest safety & quality standards
  • Manufacturer Warranty & Excellent sales support

Client Testimonial


TECS Fire and Safety Services Pte Ltd

Client Testimonial


Ivakaa Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Client Testimonial


Fire Armour Pte Ltd

Client Testimonial


Tyco Fire & Security

Client Testimonial


Firetronics Private Limited

Client Testimonial


Wes Firetech Pte Ltd

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Fire Safety SG

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Asiatic Fire System Pte. Ltd.

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Deluge Fire Protection

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End of List on the Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

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Top 10 Best Fire Protection Solutions Providers in Singapore

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