Top 10 Best Wildcard SSL Certificates in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Wildcard SSL Certificates in Singapore

Before learning about the nuts and bolts of choosing the best wildcard SSL certificates in Singapore, let us learn what it is and why it is so important. SSL certificates are one of the major reasons for the success of the modern Internet and its exploding popularity. Without these certificates, the Internet would be extremely unsafe. It would not be possible to imagine the way it is used today.

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Most importantly, you must understand that protection against cyber attacks is a must-have for your success in the online space. Cyber threats have evolved throughout the years, and they are far too common today. It is a daunting fact that is even large. Renowned companies have become victims of such attacks because of negligence in implementing robust security measures.


What Is Wildcard SSL Certificates?

Before we dive deep into understanding the nuts and bolts of wildcard SSL certificates, let us learn about SSL certificates in general. SSL certificates are a type of digital certificate whose main task is to preserve and ensure the authenticity of the website owner and secure all communications between the site and the user. Wildcard SSL certificates are special types of SSL certificates that can cover multiple subdomains within a single domain. However, they will not cover the actual core domain.

To understand the working of a wildcard SSL certificate, let us take an example. Consider that you have issued a certificate for the domain * This means your certificate will cover multiple subdomains associated with the given domain like,,, etc. However, it will not cover the core address The wildcard SSL certificates in Singapore are available with Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV) options. However, certifying authorities do not offer these types of certificates in the Extended Validation (EV) option.

Wildcard SSL certificates in Singapore employ the same security measures as non-wildcard certificates. They feature a 2048-bit signature which is used to digitally sign all the messages between the site and the user. This is a very large number that is nearly impossible to crack with existing computing power. Likewise, it also consists of a 256-bit encryption method which prevents hackers from viewing the messages being sent back and forth. Furthermore, these certificates work with almost all web browsers used in desktop and mobile platforms today.

If you want to acquire wildcard SSL certificates in Singapore, the difficulty of the entire process depends on the type of certificate. Domain validated wildcard certificates can be acquired in minutes and typically don’t require tons of business documents. However, the organization validated certificate has a rigorous and more involved process. The good thing about these is that you can add multiple subdomains and servers until the certificate has expired.


Why Do You Need Wildcard SSL Certificates?

The major objective of employing wildcard SSL certificates in Singapore is to protect multiple subdomains inside a single-core domain. These certificates provide a high level of security by maintaining strict authentication and robust encryption measures. The authentication ensures trust among visitors that they are viewing a secure website that belongs to a genuine owner. Likewise, the encryption ensures that all communications and transactions between the site and the viewer are safe from illegal breach.

If your website and its subdomains are not certified, modern web browsers can flag them as unsafe and prevent viewers from entering inside. This is hurting your reputation, and customer acquisition and retention goals as people will shy away immediately from unsafe websites. When you have your site certified, the browsers will mark it as safe and display the name of the owner and the certifying authority.

On the other hand, poor security can hurt your rankings in search engine results. Modern search engines consider several aspects of your website while ranking them on search results. This includes parameters related to website architecture such as speed and responsiveness, the content itself, and security measures. A poor implementation of security measures means you are virtually invisible during web searches.

Lastly, if you have a website with multiple subdomains to protect, using a wildcard SSL certificate is the best option. As the Internet becomes an efficient channel to acquire new customers, you must do what’s necessary to ensure its success. However, it is staggering that even well-established companies fail to invest properly in security measures and pay a heavy price.

Top 10 Best Wildcard SSL Certificates in Singapore


Where Should I Find the Best Wildcard SSL Certificates?

Now that you have understood what wildcard SSL certificates are and why they are important, you might want to search for the best options. Because of the range of available options with different types of features and pricing ranges, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, no matter what provider you choose, almost all of them employ the required level of security as they must maintain international standards.

If it is your first time searching for wildcard SSL certificates in Singapore, we recommend you to take expert help. Wildcard SSL certificates come in different validation forms and require separate types of documents. Moreover, an expert can design the best solution that can fit your needs and budget. There are several IT firms throughout the country that can assist you through the entire acquisition process.